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Autumn Mood| How To Wear Autumn Challenge

One of the things I like about autumn is that you can start using more layers and cover yourself up a bit more. Perfect season for showing your personal style. The team from vouchers codes  asked me if I wanted to be part of  their how to wear autumn challenge. As my life isn't very exciting at the moment, the word challenge sounded like a good start in taking some wild risk! lol So, they sent me a budget of £80 to pick some key pieces for autumn. I picked this Top Shop leather style trousers, for £24.99, the quality is great, considering they aren't real leather. The reason why I think is always good buying leather items, it's because they are the perfect canvas for an outfit, jackets, trousers, skirts, overalls etc.. leather will always be timeless.
The next thing I picked was this oversize denim jacket from ASOS, the style and shape is great, plus it's thick and heavy. The jacket was £45 but I got it for £22.50 Yay! I love denim Jackets, and layering with an oversize denim jacket is a great way to add some edge and cosiness for the fresh autumn wind.

A bit of scottish inspiration going on with this outfit. Tartan and plaid are always welcome for the wintery months that's why I picked the skirt. I tend to dress very tom boyish most of the time and is nice to add something more lady-like to my closet, plus I think this skirt can be styled more badass with leather jacket, dr. martens and creepers. I love playing around with these heritage patterns, because they are very classic but they also have this rebellios feel, punk-rock inspiration. The skirt is from ASOS for £30, great shape and the elastic band around the waist feels very comfortable, plus the skirt has pockets!

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  1. Perfect items, but my favourite is the skirt!! Hollie x

  2. I just reminded myself that I have a similar tartan skirt, but in shades of red (I think). I wasn't sure of the length, but now that I see how great you look in it, I got convinced :) Thank you love for the idea, I'm rushing to the attic to find it! :D

  3. The first outfit its my favourite. Dawn (from Spain) kisses

  4. Oh... I haven't mentined that I love all the outfits and how you matched the tartan skirt with red socks... :D

  5. I'm in love with this H&M plaid shirt - in fact I love plaid things... have a lovely weekend!

  6. the last look is so adorable, love the socks with the open toe shoes. also love your fringe bag in the first look! great shots Victoria, always look forward to seeing what you come up with, you're such an original x

  7. I love the second look! I'd totally copy you on that one :D
    Not long until next weekend, yay! xx

  8. I simply love the last look! The moment I saw the ASOS tartan skirt, I thought that I need that piece in my wardrobe! Thanks for the inspiration Victoria! Caterina

  9. The third look is definitely my favourite but I love them all!
    - Charlotte

  10. I love the first set of photos, adding teh plaid shirt wrapped around your waist went form classic outfit to urban and semi grunge xx

  11. victoria, i always marvel at your several outfits in one post creativity! there's something about plaid that makes me connect it to autumn. i drool over that fringed purse.

  12. Oh chickaroo, I absolutely love all 3 outfits! No better person at layering than you... anyho, hope you are all good, long time no speaky. Will have to catch up soon xx


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