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Art| Hassan Hajjaj

Images via: www.theguardian.com

I saw the work of Hassan Hajjaj, while I was looking to a small magazine inside the International Fashion Show goody bag. His photographs  immediately caught my eye and you can see above why.
Hassan Hajjaj lives in Marrakech, where he lives for part of each year, capturing shots of the people he meets, the other part of the year he works in London.

With no any formal education, after leaving school, Hajjaj was unemployed and between "shitty jobs" for a few years,  he started organising parties and events with friends, booking djs and bands to play. He opened a shop called Rap in Covent Garden in London with his wife. 

Hajjaj is best known for designing the Andy Wahloo bar-restaurant in Paris. ‘Andy Wahloo’ acknowledges one of his favourite artists, Andy Warhol, but also at the same time refers to a Parisian slang term meaning ‘I have nothing’, adopted by Hajjaj as a way of describing his work.

His latest works have incorporated the language of fashion photography, as well as African studio photography in a series of playful portraits of friends and various other characters from the streets of Marrakesh.

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  1. This is so inspiring! It looks like he wants to provoke between different cultures, something i love because it's not the average and 'save' thing to do.

  2. such creativity and color! he sounds innovative.

  3. Great minds so think alike! I did a post on this duuude a few months back. One day my LDN friend emailed me and said- here is an artist I think you would like. She was right. I love how he put his spin on African culture, pop culture, commercialism, politics etc etc. And being a colour and print lover, I just adore his work!


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