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Street style Handbags

Images source: Vogue Italia, yupfashion, Jenna Marie Wakani, Athens-streetstyle

Handbags are not just a practical object that every women wears on a daily basis, they are also a fashion statement that really finishes a look. Just like the photo above, the monochrome blue outfit wouldn't look as stylish without the classic Chanel red bag, adding a pop of colour makes the combination really chic. 

The right handbag can really make your outfit stand out and look incredible chic. The style of your Handbag could say a lot about your personality, that's why picking the right for you it's very important. For the everyday, the big handbag,  in neutral colours like photo 4 and 13, could be a practical choice, but if you are looking to revive an outfit, the pop of colour it's the best choice! Things like studs and paint add the rock n'roll chic touch and the novelty clutch bags always bring a fun element to the outfit.

Matching the size of your body with the size of the bag is very important. If you are 7 feet, then you don’t want to pick a tiny bag. When shopping for a bag try to spend some time trying on bags in front of the mirror to see if it matches with your figure. Just like when you try on clothes!If you buy it too small  would look like you are wearing a keyring but if you buy it too big you would look a bit frumpy, specially if you aren't very tall. Medium size handbags are the best for my body weight and size :)