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Meet Art Director, Illustrator and Graphic Designer Tetsuya Toshima

Hello! Today I would like to introduce you to Tetsuya Toshima, the multi-talented Japanese art director, illustrator and designer. He uses a
wide variety of methods and mediums to visually communicate messages and conceptual ideas. His work has been exhibited in several galleries around the world and won a few award on the way.  He has done several collaboration with brands and well known magazines including: DAZED and CONFUSED, Icon Magazine, BBC etc..

-How did you get into art, illustration, art direction and graphic design?
I was deeply influenced by my Grandfather who was a calligrapher.  I was always surrounded by art, ever since I was little.  That is how I came to be mesmerised by nature and the joy of creating.

-For how long have you been honing your skills?
In the beginning I spent several years training my eye for beauty by taking in many works of art.  After that, I focused on how I could best express myself through art.  Even today, I am constantly evolving and polishing my touch.

-If you could tell someone new to freelancing, one essential thing about promoting themselves, what would it be?
It is important to establish your own perspective of the world without any déjà vu. If you can make that happen someone will notice you, and things can start to develop from there.

What are some of the ways you currently promote your work?
Nowadays, it is much easier than it was before to share information and sell your works to the entire world due to the incredible speed of Social Networking and the Internet.  Through many different kinds of media, I would like to make my works known, so that it can sell itself without the need for advertising.

-What is your dream project or goal, and what are you doing to get there? I don't have any particular goal. I think creative expression also continues to grow within myself.
However, as an artist, it is a daily objective to be in the position to continue to create and send new messages of art in to the world.

-Could you explain your creative process from getting the idea to making it happen?
I begin the process by going out searching for materials, taking some photos, and doing some sketches.
And at the same time, I am already experimenting with and developing my own unique way of expressing and embodying the final shape of the piece.

Hope you enjoyed this small and helpful interview. For more details about his work you can visit his website here!