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Personally, I'm not into summer clothes, the whole thing of wearing sandals, floral dresses, maxi dresses, sundresses, sleeveless tight tops etc...It's not my cup tea. I hardy spend any money on clothes in the summer, simply because it's hard for me to like anything. I end up cutting my denim trousers into shorts and wearing plain t-shirts, that's my style in summer.

I've always been a big fan of ALLSAINTS collections, but what I like the most about the brand it's the quality of the clothes and the fact that you can buy a piece today and you can still wear it in 5 years time. Their collections don't change drastically every seasons according to the new 'trend', they keep that hint of minimal rock n' roll in all their collections and it's always chic.

Their SS13 collection, it's exactly what I want to wear in the summer, the collections it's wearable, comfortable and stylish. Love the simple layers, the distress denim shorts, light vests, asymmetric skirts and ankle boots. Perfect balance between feminine and masculine.

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  1. super insightful post <3 i totally agree with you on summer clothes though <3

  2. so wearable, so edgy, so chic!

    say yes to distress :)



  3. I completely agree, a few years ago I bought quite a few things from All saints and every piece is still so wearable even now! Love this collection :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. In love with everything, wish I had appropriate funds to buy All Saints' clothing. Definitely going to invest in the odd thing in the future!

    Je M'appelle Hannah x

  5. Cuteypie Blog :) love the polka dots below ... mwaaa

  6. really love all saints, it's true what you say, their clothes are really well-made, rock n'roll and wearable for many years to come!

  7. the entire collection is adorable - and by adorable I mean - purchasable - and it would fit every single apparel I have - love the colllection!
    ps. I was wondering, do you understand our blog when it is written in portuguese or do you need the translator?

    I'm still here, just many things have changed, my beloved Father has passed away and I had to stay with my mom for a couple of months in Brasília...

    have a wonderful sunday victoria!


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