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DO'S and DON'TS to Unblock the Creative Block

-DO declutter your space.
One of the biggest creative blocks is to see clutter everywhere. My mom used to say: the state of your room is the state of your head. This is so true, 100% of the time, when my room is a mess, is because I feel confused and unfocused. So, by de-cluttering your space your brain will work better.
-Don't force creativity.
The worst thing you can do is to force yourself like a soldier to be creative, I believe this will have the opposite effect.
-Do listen to music and dance.
Nothing helps to burst my creativity more than listening to music and dancing, some brains work better when moving, helping  the ideas flow.
-DON'T waste a lot of time with electronic devices.
Inspiration comes when living. I do love Internet and with so many devices like ipad, smart phone, laptops etc.. it's even easier to be on Internet all the time but sometimes we forget about enjoying the moment because we are more worry about taking photos for instagram or checking up twitter etc..

-DO read.
Reading something interesting always helps with imagination and flow of ideas.

-DON'T stick around.
I always get ideas when I'm on the go, specially when I'm doing  household stuff,  like doing the washing up, cooking, arranging things, picking up things. The spark doesn't come when sitting still, the spark comes  always on the go ;)

-DO go for a walk.
There is something about fresh air and walking that always helps to organised your mind and to relax.

-DON'T waste your energy with self-loathing.
The worst negative influence in our lives can be our own thoughts, like: you are not good enough, don't bother in trying, you are such a failure, nothing makes sense etc..I know, because I do it sometimes and this is the most auto destructive thing one can do. This is completely the opposite of being creative. It is 100% destructive and we can really affect the way we feel if we don't learn to control the negative thoughts.Negative thoughts will always come to our minds, it's normal, but we can choose to ignore them.

Like always I'd like to hear your opinion. Do you have any DO'S and DON'TS to add to the list?

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  1. wow this was very informative, thank you!!


  2. going for a walk, reading or listening to music is exactly what i do too when i need new inspirations;)
    love and kiss,mary

  3. Guao! Que entrada tan genial para empezar la semana, mi mAma decía lo mismo de mi cuarto pero hasta que fui adulta lo comprendí . Nunca debemos forzarnos la creatividad, no se trata de eso!!
    Feliz semana!!


  4. I am glad you wrote this piece. I tweeted it to my readers and will post it on my FB page because I find it useful not only for the creative people but for everyone working or studying. I really like how you analize what happens to you and then use it to help us :D. I adore this type of posts and I wish more of your readers would pay attention to them.
    Also love the way you illustrate them each time !

    My mom says exactly the same thing as yours, if your working space is a mess you can't work and I totally agree with this thought. That is why each time I am working for the blog or studying before doing it I always put order in my room and on my desk.
    As for music I agree with but since I have flatmates it is really hard doing it since I would also sing :P, so instead I work out or when I do the cleaning I listen to music with my mp3 and try NOT to sing but it is a harsh one for me ;).
    Not wasting time is the most difficult thing for me to do. IFB recently produced a piece where they gave some sites which were able to block "disturbing" social medias such as FB or Twitter to make you concentrate, I will definitely use Nanny for Google Chrome to be able to do so. How do you succeed in not wasting your time ?

    To your do's and don't list I would add not to wait when an idea is in your mind, because as fast as it arrived it can go faster and never come back ! So always try to have with you a pen and a notebook to write about it and recall it when heading back home.

    Again thanks a lot for your advices !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


    1. I didn't know about the red string legend sounds interesting :) Thanks for the great comment :)

  5. Great tips!! I would include Take some time out, ride a bicycle.

  6. Hi!
    Thank you very much for this post, I will try to follow your tips (:


  7. Your post is very helpful! ;)


  8. Totally agree Victoria, especially the one about your workspace! I'm a really messy person so mines always a mess, but I'm giving it a good clean up tomorrow to help me focus properly on a new project! Getting out of the house is a good one as well, and I'm really working on the whole 'being positive, believing in yourself' thing too, sometimes it's so easy to be negative about your work. You're right though, it gets you nowhere & is such a waste of energy.

  9. I agree in 100%. I'm tidying up my room tomorrow while listening and dancing to music, therefore I will have 3 things from the list done :) haha... Great post girl :)

  10. Great tips for when I have writers block! x

  11. Yo añadiría, para cuando tienes bloqueo al escribir, que algo que ayuda es repasar las bases de lo que estás haciendo. Normalmente se escribe sobre algo que se conoce, así que ver fotos o repasar las notas de lo que estás escribiendo (tomándolo con calma) ayuda a reencontrarte. No sé si ayuda para pintar o otras artes

  12. great post and tips!!!
    right now i´m having a writing flood. can´t stop it. have wings of its own!


  13. me gustan tus consejos, siempre son reales y practicos! muy cierto de no forzar la creatividad, así cualquier creación no será pura, es mejor como dices inspirarse con musica, bailando, caminar, etc.
    eres genial chica!!

  14. Dancing and music work for everything - depression, creative blocks, stress at work. Thank god for them!

  15. victoria, your mom is right and so are YOU! when i reorganize or go through my supplies, i see things in a new way, or rediscover things i forgot about. also if i change my routine, like go on a different path or look at things upside down, lay on the ground or climb something so i'm taller i can get inspired too.

  16. Yes, I agree Teddi thank you :)

  17. Victoria, I always value your advices, thanks for this post! I completely agree on the 'walking' point or let's say to do some sort of activity...I recently restarted pilates and I feel so much better and energised! As for taking a break from internet and technology devices, I couldn't agree more because sometimes we are really overwhelmed by images, information...but do we really have the time to 'digest' everything we see online?! Caterina


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