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DIY| 5 Min Fun Rings

Hey darlings, thank you for your kind words in my last post. Typical bipolar, today I feel fine :) 
I've kept myself away from the computer for a few days and it defiantly has help with my mood. I think sometimes there is so much information on Internet, in one hand is brilliant but in another can make you feel very confused and sometimes just keeping a bit of distance helps, like any relationship basically.
My son was playing Lego and I stole some of his pieces to make some rings, I bought the rings on eBay, plain adjustable rings and  hardcore glue. The most cool of this is to make different ones, sizes and colours, vertical and horizontals and make different combinations :) 
If you are more into minimal you can go for all white or all black.

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  1. Aw so cute! I love making little personalised jewellery

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  2. So interesting!!
    You always have beautiful and cool ideas!! :)

  3. Glad that you're feeling better now! :) These rings are super cool and super fun, great post Victoria :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  4. This is a brilliant idea. Those ring are so fun. Next time I visit my niece I will convince her to play with Lego :D

  5. Que diverida idea!!!

  6. i would never think of this. how freaking originally inventive! victoria, you've impressed me, yet again. :)


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