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Art| Chiharu Shiota

I love interesting installations like these ones from Chiharu Shioata, a Japanese installation artist,she explores the relationships between past and present, living and dying, and memories of people implanted into objects. To these she adds intricate, web-like threads of black and red.

Remembrance and oblivion, dreaming and sleeping, resonate in Chiharu Shiota's performances and installations, together with a preoccupation with home and homelessness and the loss of childhood. Mysterious and sometimes frightening objects - as various as dresses, burnt-out pianos, charred chairs and hospital beds - become the unreachable focal points of psychic spaces, trapped within impenetrable and disorienting meshes of black threads. 

This is the sort of art that my son that is into spider man would love too. What do you think of the installations?

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  1. I absolutely love the idea behind the art- The strings representing the memories of individuals :)


  2. I love them, especially the last one, it feels like my current state of mind! x

  3. I really thought the first picture was actually a drawing. In France I saw Chiharu's works and stayed flabbergasted in front of such installations, I can't even imagine how much time she passes putting all together.

    Do you know the story about the red string of fate in the asian culture (in Japan and China) ? It is said that those who are destined to be lovers have an invisible red string bonding them. I find it significative she used threads of this colour for some of her installations, though the legend refers to lovers it can also refer to the fact that we are attached to both past and present, it's our fate and we can't avoid it, just like the boy in the legend can't avoid his destiny marrying the little girl the God told him he was linked with by the red string of fate.

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  4. it's intricate and fascinating with the element of haunting like mystery! yes, i like.

  5. It's very interesting and intriguing, it makes you think...

  6. Its a bit of a mind fuck isn't it? and really haunting. Very interesting to look at though. I thought the first one was a sketch xx

  7. This actually made me feel quite emotional. Amazing. x


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