Surreal Street Art at Dulwich Festival in London

The Dulwich Festival, an event that brought together the biggest names in street art to create huge murals inspired by classic works found in England's oldest art gallery, the Dulwich Picture Gallery. Old Masters like Rembrandt van Rijn, Nicholas Poussin and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo were given a special homage as the current leaders in street art remixed their esteemed predecessors' works. For nine days, visitors flocked to south London to see how contemporary street art and classical art could combine to create something groundbreaking.
A group of world famous street artists were given free rein to, not only take over one building's outdoor walls, they were also invited to paint all of the rooms inside the house. The Art House on Lordship Lane, which was set to be demolished in April, was left standing a little while longer, or just for this event.