80's outfits + 80's Mixtape

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Hello loves! This evening I'm feeling the 80's mood so I created this 80's mixtape with 30 + songs to keep us dancing the rest of the day.
I was a kid growing up in the 80's so there is something about the 80's fashion, movies and music that puts me in such a good mood. Remember the Goonies? Vanilla Ice? I remember I went to see Vanilla Ice when I was 7 years old and it was amazing! Also I remember dancing to can't touch this by MC Hammer with my cousins, some of you probably were even younger!
I'm wearing: Ray ban Wayfarer vintage playsuits and vintage accessories.
Do you like 80's fashion?

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  1. loving the mixtape!
    and the outfits yes!!


  2. I love how you look like April O'neal in the first outfit! the 80s are the best!

  3. where did you find such amazing items? You look absolutelly fab!!
    And love this mixtape! :) xx

  4. You look fierce, love the black number! x

  5. Me encanta la moda y musica de los 80's . Lo que llevas esta de lujo !!! Como olvidar Vanilla Ice que padre que lo hayas visto, hubiera muerto por verlo jajaj recuerdo tener un poster de el en mi cuarto !!!

    Muchos besos Victoria


  6. Ahh I'm a 90's kid but I love 80's music so much that my mum complains she gave birth to a sister and not a daughter, ha!
    All the jumpsuits are amazing, I wonder where you found them? I love that black leatherette one the most x

    Blog by ORR: La-Grunge

  7. Where did you find all these playsuits?!

  8. Ah the 80's what a great decade all round! Best track on mix for me "She drives me crazy" Fine Young Cannibals! xx

  9. How brilliant you wear this 80's clothes and you look so amazing for words!! :)
    Love the jumpsuit , the bag, the shoes, the ... oh, just everything. You rock!!

  10. i like 80s fashion, but sometimes it seems a bit harsh/extreme. i'm kind of a lazy dresser so i don't usually put that much effort into my personal style. i'm kinda still stuck in the 90s. still, i love all the crazy exaggerated shapes, textures and colors of the 80s...your version is really hip, and i absolutely love how you accessorized the looks! great mixtape, used to make these for my friends :)

  11. Love 80's fashion! So overtly lavish and over the top. The art work in the background looks super rad too, mama!

  12. You are so awesome! Loving these 80s looks :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  13. Love the 80's. You look amazing!


  14. victoria, you rock the 80's jumpsuit! i remember the music, and my brother watched the goonies so much. i can even quote it.

  15. can´t touch this ;) ay como me encanta esa cancion, ay yo tambien viví mi infancia en los 80´s y todavia de la musica me encantan!
    y también tus outfits son geniales! me kedo escuchando el mixtape ahora;)
    un beso mary

  16. That thing is rad.

  17. 80's fashion is the best. Loving these outfits, especially the two black ones.

  18. It's a great thing to know that old clothes are still good to wear. Adding a little something on will make it fabulous. It's a great accent for Smart casual dress code.


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