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The black dress

One of the most timeless pieces has to be the black dress. For the smart occasion you can't go wrong, is elegant, sophisticated and is an instant slimming.
My only tips to wear a black dress would be to find the right shape for your body and style. I personally prefer a minimal style with a nice cut or with a contrast fabric like in the middle dress. I love the contrast shiny fabric in the collar.
Also finding the right accessories is very important, if the dress is minimal you can wear a nice statement necklace or clutch bag.
The heels have to be delicate but make sure that you can walk and dance on them, there is nothing worst than seeing a woman walking badly in high heels you have to walk confident in your heels and last but no least do not forget to shave your legs!

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  1. absolutely in love with your gifs! <3


  2. I definitely agree with your two last points!Know how to walk in heels is a must and shaved legs always is a must!


  3. victoria, your drawings make me smile! go little black dresses. i own 3. i think.

  4. It's so hard to find a perfect one that is not too short or long, not too classy nor too sexy!

  5. Haha, do not forget to shave your legs. It's a constant battle, I tell you!


  6. I love your sketch....so clever! Black dress with bare legs nice look!But maybe in the UK, hairy legs would help keep us warm? Gross! x

  7. Hehe I love that drawing! My poor legs have received some right injuries at my bad attempts to quickly shave them before a night out, plasters aren't a good finish to a little black dress! :)

  8. It's one of that things that is a basic!!! Saves you all the time :)


  9. I love Audrey Hepburn's style in Breakfast at Tiffany's :)

  10. Haha! The GIF is hilarious! I love the middle dress, the collar is such a nice detail. Totally agree with your points too, I HATE seeing girls who can't walk properly in heels! It's better to wear flats & walk properly than wear heels & look awkward!


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