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7 easy daily habits that will make you feel better

This list is about small and simple changes everybody can do and can help to make you feel better inside and out.
Sometimes we tend to have this black or white way of thinking and whenever we want to change something in our lives we want immediate big changes that never seem to happen because we want drastic results the next day but we don't realise that making  simple daily changes in the long run are extremely beneficial.

1.- Wake up 10-15 min. earlier.

This might sounds a bit rubbish, I mean surely sleeping more is better but having this extra time for yourself is very important. Often we rush out of bed get dress, leave the house to go to work with our mind still in our pillow.
Having that extra time on your own enjoying your coffee or just organizing your mind a bit will really set you for the rest of the day. 

2.- Make up your bed.

If you are really organized you unconsciously understand this principle, but if you are like a me, I sometimes make my bed and sometimes don't depending on how late I am. Now, I try to do my bed no matter what, whether I'm late or not, whether I'm working from home or not because only takes to me less than a minute to do it anyway and  gives me this small sense of achivement early in day.

3.- Drink more water!

Ha! I bet your saw that one coming! But yep! Drink more water. If you find plain water a bit boring squeeze some lemon or mint. Pick a nice crystal bottle to have next to you all the time so you won't forget to drink it.  I guarantee that by increasing your intake of water your skin will look better and you'll lose some extra pounds too.

4.- Eat more omega 3!

Yes! Eat more of this magic fish juice or “brain food”, eating oily fish or taking Omega 3 oil or capsules is extremely beneficial. I personaly buy the oil bottle and take 2 tablesppons a day.
Being a “good fat”, Omega 3 will be instrumental in ensuring a high enough absorption level of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K, needed for resistance against infection, healthy skin, eyes, heart, circulation, blood clotting, strong bones and helps you burn the "bad fat" :)

5.- Sleep More!

This is a bit contradictory from point 1 but going to bed half an hour earlier will make you feel more relax  and focus the next day.

6.- Have flowers around.

Flowers are a beautiful thing to have around your house or in your desk. Flowers will put you in a good mood every time you see them. I try to buy a small bunch of flowers every week to have around the house and honestly they bring so much positive energy.

7.- Do something nice for someone.

This is the most import of all. Create the habit of helping someone everyday, from giving up your sit on the train to phoning your grandma and asking how she is doing etc.. It could be the smallest thing but helping others is derived from the sense of continuity humans feel as parts of a whole.  I believe helping others is self healing too.

I really hope this post was helpful, I would love to hear other suggestions too if you have other tips that I can add to this list let me know!


  1. Victoria this post is great! I believe in doing all of these things, each point is so important to try and incorporate into a daly routine and thank you for reminding me that I must get some Omega 3 capsules :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  2. really a great post and so true! flowers, love and a bid of extra sleep are too good to be true ;)

  3. Going to bed early and waking up earlier should be the first thing I have to do. But the problem is that I am a late worker, my maximum of concentration happens during night..well this is my routine as a student : studying late REALLY late and waking up late REALLY late.

    If I had a tip to add it would be to take time to cook for yourself at least once a day. I find it relaxing and rewarding, it is always good to eat what you did yourself, furthermore when cooking you forget of all the stress you have because you want that dish to be well done :). It is also fun to look for recipes and give them your own twist.

    Thank you for this post Victoria ;)

    Shug Avery of Incognito


    1. I agree! I love looking for recipes and try new flavours, cooking can be a very enjoyable thing :)

  4. Just now I am firing on all cylinders - very busy at work and moving house shortly. But as soon as I get settled in my new place I am going to get a new routine in placed, taking these principles into consideration. I love Shug Avery's suggestion too.


  5. this is really nice post, going to have to try and do these things!x


  6. Aw this is a really lovely post. I should do all of the above more :) xx

  7. I love all of these tips. I need to take my omega-3s! :) Also I like the flower idea, sometimes something so small can have a huge impact on your mood. I might add 'give thanks' on to this list. sometimes we can get bogged down by what everyone else is doing and we forget that we have so much to be grateful for in our lives.

  8. What a nice post. I always make my bed too. I just automatically feel more organised! x

  9. Lovely and all very simple but true xx

  10. I def need to improve my life in some of these points. Sleep more and get up earlier are almost impossible for me. At least at this time in my life(and as long as I can remember) I also thinking reading can be added to your list x

    1. If it works for you to work at night and wake up late is fine as long as you make 15 min for yourself durimg the day :) I agree reading and learning new things is wonderful. x

  11. You are so right an extra 15 mins in the morning makes all the diffence between making breakfast like a nice healthy smoothie.....my current favorite is banana, peach, raspberry, and almonds with Manuka honey! Or if I am running late 2 chocc'y biscuits and a cup of tea!
    p.s. I think it's so good to get out in the fresh air every day even if it's only for 20mins, it just clears away the cobwebs in your brain. O'h and my other feel good factor is not just making the bed, but clean cotton sheets to slide into....heaven! x

    1. There is something about fresh air... It's very important I love long walks too. Thanks for reading :)

  12. great tips! sleep is so important. xx

  13. Great and helpful tips!
    Thank you very much for this post.


  14. Love this post! 5 of 5 stars <333

    Johanna, Sweden

  15. Great points! I really need to start making my bed every day, and especially keeping my room clean! I think my problem is that my room is very small, and I have too many things for it (I recently moved back in with my parents, and I accumulated so much while I was away at University!) so my room is in a constant state of disorganization.

    xo Raquel
    Sassy + Bubbly

    1. I know what you mean keeping your room organized do makes me feel more focus, best of luck! x

  16. victoria, you are right yet again. they are all very important and mood lifting. :)

  17. Such a cute post :) I pretty much do all of them at the moment aside from the water drinking...ooops!


  18. I've started having flowers in the house and it just makes my living room feel happier :)

    Sarah xx


  19. Flowers in the house are an essential round here, and I'm also a bed-maker. I'm rubbish at drinking water though, and I definitely don't get enough sleep!

  20. Aww the kitty photo is the most adorable thing ever! <3333

  21. Victoria, thanks so much for sharing the suggestions! It is with little gestures that we can make our life better...I would add another thing to your list: walk and spend time outdoor, there is nothing better than fresh air to stimulate a bit of thinking! Caterina

  22. I agree with your tips. Surely these will make me feel better. Thanks for the creative idea.


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