Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Events| The modern craft project with vice and wallpaper magazine

Hello beautiful people! Some of my instagram photos of last week event, The Modern Craft Project at the Birthdays Dalston in London, featuring a small exhibition featuring the winners of 2013 project, partnering with global creative magazine Wallpaper*VICE and Ketel One looking for the contemporary craftsmen who bring traditional skills into the modern day.

The Modern Craft Project was open to applicants over 25 years old living in Australia, Brazil, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. 
This initiative will also be helping up to three modern craftspeople in each participating country in their pursuit of crafting excellence, through the Ketel One Legacy, take their work to the next level and to an even wider audience by giving them the chance to win a share of the Ketel One Legacy prize fund (UK: GBP 30.000 / Germany: 30.000€).-

For more information visit: The modern craft project 
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  1. love this new twist on old items!

    you look lovely, as always :)

  2. You look so flipping cool! x


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