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BOTTLETOP| Hand made accessories

Bottletop is dedicated to design, craftsmanship and culture. Through the creation their collection they give female artisans in developing countries the opportunity to support themselves and their families. They support the wider community through the Bottletop Foundation to ensure a long lasting and more sustainable impact.
Bottletop sets out to provide holistic support that goes beyond a fair wage. The studio is a clean, safe working space, away from the violence in neighbouring communities where members of the team can bring their children.

Back in February, when I went to Scoop International Fashion Show at the Saatchi Gallery in London, I saw these pieces and immediately they caught my attention because they looked great and I realised that they were made out of bottle tops, the pieces were so well made that you almost can believe they are made basically out of rubbish. These handmade pieces aren't only beautiful, they look fashionable and there is an amazing cause behind them. The Bottletop Foundation supports young people through education projects, which empower them to take control of their lives. Bottletop trains females from developing countries with new skills to provide more young people with education trough the Bottletop foundation. Through a design collaboration with Mulberry they became international best sellers.
What a great project if you ask me! The world needs more projects like this one. For more information visit: BOTTLETOP

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  1. Wow, those clutches are a DIY perfection!


  2. I love the whole idea of the project, the cause, the recycling, the fact that those fabulous pieces are made out of nothing and of course the fact that you always keep me interested with your posts... Just great!

  3. wowo amazing !!!
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  4. Not only are these epic but it's such a ridiculously good cause! Nice post :)

  5. oh my wow! they are fashionably cool, innovative, and brilliant. i'm impressed. :)

  6. wow so cool! i love it! :D

  7. At first glance I never would have guessed these were made from bottle tops, of all things. Thank you for sharing, darling!

  8. Beautiful creations (that shopper and those clutches...) with a great cause! Vctoria, thank you for the introduction! Caterina

  9. Pretty cool project, I agree with you the world needs more things like this.

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