Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Outdoors style

Sometimes people think that to be practical and comfortable, there is no way  you can look stylish. Now we can, there is millions of brands out there in fact far to much options if you ask me! But we can take advantage of that, because we can find something  stylish for every possible weather condition and at the same time practical and comfortable without looking out of place. You wouldn't go for brisk walk to the mountains in high heels, would you? Well perhaps Victoria Beckham would but that is another story.. 

I tend to see a lot of parkas these days, specially when is freaking freezing even to move! I see the usual ultra- padded ones from head to toe that makes you look like a giant sausage. The classic black one with a bit of fur around the hoodie and the all time military style parka.

If you want to go for a nice walk outdoors, whether be to the beautiful English country side or just a walk around the city the most practical items are parka and wellington boots, specially for the English weather lets face it! I wanted to find something different from the usual parka so I found this metallic bronze parka via ASOS, seems practical and stylish to me! Also these classic hunter  wellington boots via Blacks. Also a backpack is always practical for the outdoor walk, this one is practical and stylish, the backpack is also from ASOS and couldn't resist the Kate Moss red nose t-shirt made out of fair traid cotton by Stella McCartney plus it's for a good cause.
Hope you liked my outdoor outfit! Happy cold day!:s


  1. That shimmering bronze parka is a beauty...x

  2. Love the colour of that parka, it's such a stunning piece! Great post sweetie :)

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

  3. good post
    tell me if you want to follow each other.. :-)


  4. Victoria, what a great selection! You are absolutely right about parkas, they can be really stylish! I also bought the Red Nose tees: both the Kate Moss and The Beatles!

  5. that is a funny shirt. i kind of think of kate moss as stylishly practical. her looks appear so effortless and functional.

  6. great picks! i love those big rubber boots and the backpack.


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