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LFW | Ashish AW13 'Working Girl'

I like Ashish's collections, his collections are quirky but wearable, in this case, with his AW13 'Working Girl' collection, he seems to be inspired by random things like building sites and London underground uniform. Basically, Workwear turned fashionable if you ask me!

I imagine him walking near by a building site or catching up the tube looking at the workers luminous jacket, neon vests and reflective stripes, feeling a rush of inspiration for his next collection. The same way Chanel was inspired by sailors when she was visiting a seaside town in France, later on she designed  her most iconic piece, the stripes jumper.

I wonder if all the tough man out there working in building sites wearing their luminous vests realise they are wearing the latest fashion?
What do you think of the collection?