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The diet that does work!

The reason I'm writing this is, beacause I'm a bit fed up to see millions of different diets out there promising people to lose weight almost instantly (Yeha right) we have the Atkins diet, weight watchers diet, TLC diet, Macrobiotic diet... and the list goes on and on and every year the industry invents more bollocks to create 'THE DIET OF THE YEAR‘ I'm also feed up to see young girls getting into eating disorders, or every other woman in this planet worring about their weight and having some sort issue with food. I don't think is right.

The true is, that diets don't work in the long terms, you might lose a few pounds at the beginning but then you will put it back again at some point, so why is this? Lacking of will power to stick to a diet that is making you never lose weight in the long run. I don't think so...

The problem is the bad education we are receiving constatly about food, like if food were our enemy. Things like: 
'Don't eat bread, wheat makes you fat, don't eat chocolates, don't eat carbs after 5 otherwise you will have an obese ass, if you eat apples and chicken at the same time you won't be able to digested!...I mean is true that some people is intolerant to certain foods, but come on! 
You might think, who do you think you are, the next nutritionist guru, well no. I'm not, but I have suffer from eating disorder in my teens and after many years of fighting against food, I learnt that FOOD ISN'T THE ENEMY. The enemy is our own negative thoughts.

We need to wash up our brain from all the crap and make peace with our bodies, don't trust the media, listen to your body. The human body is very wise and knows what it needs, life is truly a gift and nature give us all what we need to function.

Have you heard of intuitive eating
We were born with all the wisdom you need for eating intuitively. This inner wisdom is often clouded by years of dieting and food myths that abound in our culture.
-Eat colourful, it's amazing how in nature we can find  food with high nutrients, superfoods like: Kale, acai berry, spinach, bananas, berries, etc.. all so tasty and colourful. 
-Eat tasty, add herbs, spices, all sort of textures to your food, this will live you more satisfied and things, like onion, garlic, parsley, chili, rosemary are so tasty and also have a lot of anti-oxidant properties.
-Eat like your grandma used to eat, homemade food, homemade cake, bread, the real stuff. The only thing I try to avoid is processed food, low fat stuff or diet stuff with aditives high in salt and sugar but even that if I fancy having a bag of crisps/chocolate, I just have it.
-Eating for an emotional hunger will only make you feel worse in the long run.

The steps for intuitive eating are here! If you feel like learning more about it.I really hope this post was helpful, if you feel like asking something regarding any of the things I mention in this post,food issues, eating disorders, or just to say hi! you can write to victoria@stylemarmalade.com I'd love to hear from you:)

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  1. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo 2000%.
    Fantástico post.

  2. Eso.. a comer colorido y sano :D ...

  3. estoy de acuerdo al 100% !! I love al the foods you mentioned apart form parsley ;) xx

  4. You made me hungry for colourful food ;)

  5. Hello! This is such a helpful post! I've never heard of Intuitive Eating before, I'll be sure to read more about it, what you've described seems reasonable and healthy.

    It's funny, I've just been thinking about it today, how we treat food as our enemy. I'm a ballerina and I've tried literally hundreds of diets (most of them not so smart!) to keep in shape, and only now I'm starting to understand what and how should I eat to keep my weight under control and stay healthy.

    I wish that knowledge was more available to the girls out there, and not everyone had to learn the hard way. So, thank you very much for bringing up that topic, and you've inspired me to write a post about healthy eating on my blog.

    xx Tatiana

  6. love this post, you have all the reason :)

  7. so true wise victoria! you are right. :)

  8. great post. i'm sorry to hear of your struggle as a teen-i know that can be tough. i've never struggled w/ an eating disorder myself, but several of my close friends did in high school, and it's devastating. i do have my own share of body issues tho, which is why i hate photographing myself and my style for my blog...i gained a lot of weight due to an illness in the past two years, and it's been a daily battle for me to accept myself as i am now. i too have been through the steps of these crazy "diets", it's always stressful for both mind and body, when usually the problem is just self-acceptance! i always have things i want to improve, but am learning how to be less obsessive about trying to lose weight and be thin so i look better in clothes :P, and more about trying to accept my body! the "intuitive diet" seems to encourage that. thanks for sharing your experience.

  9. This is such a great post and thank you for sharing! My mom always tells me to eat colourful food and stuff so I should listen to my momma! :D Im going to look at the intuitive eating link you shared now!
    Sofia x

  10. Preach, sister!

  11. Nunca había oído acerca de esa teoría pero la apoyo 2000%. Lo siento mucho si tuviste un problema alimenticio. Yo nunca he tenido pero si varias de mis amigas durante la preparatoria y ahorita la universidad. La sociedad y los medios te hacen creer que necesitas estar muy delgada para ser considerado hermoso en la sociedad cuando esta mal. La comida no es enemiga de nadie, se debe de disfrutar y comer sano.


  12. i really love this article! thanks for the tips!

  13. What a great post! It's so true - there is so much hype about not eating certain foods (like bread!) but if you set yourself crazy restrictions then guess what? That's all you'll crave. Intuitive eating is definitely the way forward! :)

  14. Very well said! Another tip is to stay active! A lot of people think they can eat low calorie foods & lay in bed all day while their metabolism is actually slowing down.

  15. Thanks so much for this article, you are very right! In the end it's all about common sense. Deep inside we know an avocado or banana is better for you than a bag of crisps or chocolate bar, but we all like to believe the ones with the less amount of calories are "better for us".

    This post really explains everything perfect and I hope a lot of young woman will read this!

    x L.


  16. I love that you posted this. After struggling with an eating disorder in high school, and yo-yo dieting in college, it finally hit me one day, that I couldn't live the rest of my life this way. It was hard, but I came up with an ethic very similar to the "intuitive diet". and have never looked back! I feel healthy and beautiful and strong!

    As a person who values non-violence, I think that the best place is to start with ourselves. Lets stop this self-harming dieting and learn to practice peace towards our own bodies.

  17. Excelente escrito, simple pero muy cierto.
    Abrazos desde Venezuela.




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