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Style| Bradley Soileau Tattoos

The model of the moment Bradley Soileau, was born in Louisiana and was discovered and Signed to Red NY Management, from there he has work with a lot of  designers, featuring men's designer shoes, sunglasses, suits and he has done several editorialS working with designers like: Clement Pascal, Roberto Cavalli, Henry Holland, to mention a few.  He was also de boyfriend of Lana the Rey in her video Born to die.
That face and those tattoos seem to be the right combination.

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  1. I was pretty sure this face was familiar ! This tatto on the forehead was speaking to me, hopefully you recorded us he was the boyfriend of Lana del Rey in Blue Jeans.

    Tattoed models seem to be the ultimate trend in mens' fashion. I don't know why but I can't help thinking that in fashion they let men's model express much more their personality than women. If I were to compare who has the most personality and daring as a model I would say Agyness Deyn. I don't see any other.
    I just feel like in some men's fashion shows or campaigns they like to represent masculinity not only the clothes, so unlike for female models !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  2. Yes please, freedom of expression, personality and hotness. We need more confident man like this in the streets adn also girls who can express themselves as well without suffering prejudice.
    I don't have tats cause I am a chicken( I hate needles!) but I respect who does x

  3. Maybe I'm just a grandma but I could have done without the tattoo across his forehead. I'm all about Tattoo Art but to be honest I prefer his tatts from far away, coz I like that general overview but then I come closer and I read'Fuck' on the knuckles and I'm like- Yawn!! That being said He's Hot.

  4. "That face and those tattoos seem to be the right combination" ! you said it perfectly!:))


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