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Art | Takahiro Kimura

When I came across the work of the Japanese animator, illustrator and character designer Takahiro Kimura I felt that his images had a unique way of portray emotions and the fragility of human soul.  He has been creating his own unique style of collages that strive to show the complicated nature of the human spirit through peculiar physical distortions.
Through colour, pattern, texture and a certain amount of distortion his subjects come to life showing the complicated nature of the human spirit. As he states: 'The broken faces might be mirrors to reflect your emotions'

Cuando me encontré con el trabajo del animador japonés, ilustrador y diseñador de personajes Takahiro Kimura, sentí que sus imágenes tenían una forma única de interpretar las emociones y la fragilidad del alma humana. Él ha estado creando su propio estilo de collages que se esfuerzan por mostrar la complicada naturaleza del espíritu humano a través de peculiares distorsiones físicas.A través del color, patrón, textura y una cierta cantidad de distorsión que muestra la complicada naturaleza del espíritu humano. Como él dice: 'Las caras rotas podrían ser espejos para reflejar sus emociones "

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  1. I'll be honest- I think they are quite terrifying- like scenes out of a drug-fueled nightmare. all good art provoke a multitude of opinions though. *shudder*

  2. Never heard about this artist but thank you to introduce us to him. Before reading his quotes and what you wrote, I felt like being in front of a broken, I wasn't trying to recompose the faces but more trying to catch the emotions behind them.
    I like art (and especially photography) because I am interested in knowing what was the idea of the artist but above all how AFTER his creations are perceived by the people, I do think that too much time the second part is forgotten or that we can enjoy with our eyes but unable to put words on what we feel when seeing artworks.

    Thank you for opening up my mind !

    Shug Avery of Incognito


  3. These are beautiful, I love the last one in particular x

  4. Love how diverse your blog is. Great work, mama.


  5. I have to admit that the first three pictures are kind of disturbing but I guess that was the purpose as we all have those dark and frightening feelings sometimes. All of them are very interesting. The last one tells a whole story of a wealthy beautiful woman with a broken soul... Just my thoughts... :)

  6. Hauntingly artful, but I do appreciate the perspective and admire the last three works the most.

  7. There are so beautiful. I admire people who are able to create their own art! I hope to be one of them someday.


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