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What to do when I want to do everything?

What to do when I want to do everything, was the book by Barbara Sher that jumped out in the bookshelves while I was walking through the halls of my local library not knowing what exactly wanted to find…I Tend to go to the library when I feel lost and that is kind of often! : S, basically I’m a regular of my local library, they all know me in there! You might think what a primitive way to find answers, when you can Google the word ‘LOST’ and I bet a million different things will come up, but when it comes to get superior answers! I’m a bit traditionalist. I’m not a religious person but I feel God/superior energy/universe communicates with me through books. Anyway! So, there was this book with this title, and I thought, that sentence is the story of my life! I've finished the book and I got my answers! I’m doing a summary at the moment and of course I will share it with you in another post. I need to sort out my mind! I don’t want to make a long post and bored you to death
Stay tuned for the other post!

¿Qué hacer cuando quiero hacer de todo?, fue el libro de Barbara Sher que saltó en las estanterías mientras caminaba por los pasillos de mi biblioteca local, sin saber exactamente lo que quería saber: Tiendo a ir a la biblioteca cuando me siento perdida que es con frecuencia! : S, básicamente, soy un regular de mi biblioteca local, todos me conocen allí! Se podría pensar que es una forma primitiva de buscar respuestas cuando puedes buscar en Google la palabra 'LOST' y apuesto que un millón de cosas diferentes saldran, pero cuando se trata de obtener respuestas superiores! Soy un poco tradicionalista. No soy una persona religiosa, pero siento que Dios /energía superior/universo se comunica conmigo a través de los libros. Entonces estaba el libro con este título, y pensé, esa frase es la historia de mi vida! Ya terminé el libro y tengo mis respuestas! Estoy haciendo un resumen en este momento y, por supuesto, lo voy a compartir con ustedes en otro post. Tengo que arreglar mi mente! No quiero hacer un post largo y aburrido.

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  1. soy igual!
    lo quiero hacer todo y termino haciendo nada... no sé que camino tomar de tantos que deseo; no puedo escoger sólo una cosa ya que al fin de cuentas estoy en constante cambio, me aburro de lo rutinario, de lo mismo y en ese momento me traslado a otra cosa y alrato regreso, luego a otra, etc...
    qué hacer cuando se quiere hacer todo.... yo tmb habría tomado ese libro, define mi persona totalmente.
    te sirvió en verdad?..creo que voy a comprarlo..gracias por compartir!
    ojalá encuentres lo que estés buscando, saludos victoria

  2. Haha that is my eternal dilemma! I always have so much on my plate, much more than I can deal with for a certain amount of time I have. I might have to read this book! Can't wait for your summary. www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  3. Looking forward to the summary
    Sound interesting

  4. great painting! did the book help victoria? haven't we all felt lost? i am a regular at my library too. :)

  5. Beautiful painting, aah I constantly feel like I am wasting my potential and will wake up bitter and miserable...xx

  6. Can't wait to hear your review/summery of that book! That's my life as well. I usually just stare at the wall when there is too much that I want to be doing.

    Take only Memories

  7. I really like your blog, it's so inspiring! I'm following you now! :)


  8. my head sometime's a mess, too ;) the book sounds interesting.

  9. I'm at the library as we speak, but I should be studying for my finals haha :3

  10. it sounds pretty interesting, I'll make sure to bookmark it in goodreads. regarding that part about "the universe communicating with you through books", I've experienced something similar more than once, too. in fact, that was how I found one book that proved to be one of the most important ones I ever read. it somehow grabbed my attention while I was looking for something else; I took it off the shelf and put it back a couple of times, but eventually decided to take it home. I'm glad I did! (I'm talking about the book Learned Optimism by Dr. Martin Seligman, in case anyone wondered)

  11. Sgt. Pepper and the Lonely Hearts Club. I don't exactly feel lonely, or maybe I do but I get you in not knowing what to do. There's so many things I like to do but I don't exactly know where to start.

  12. Gracias por la bienvenida jajaj !! Bueno creo que la mayoria de seres humanos tenemos aveces ese sentimiento, lo importante es ver mas alla y tener la actitud positiva que todo el bienestar llegara de una u otra forma!!! Ya quiero ver el resumen !!
    Bueno si no eres religiosa al menos tienes la creencia que
    Dios te transmite algo por medio de los libros hay algo
    de fe alli!!!

    Un abrazo !

  13. Love the painting! And yes I am always thinking of all the things I want to do and the dreams I want to accomplish!

  14. Yo por lo general acabo haciendo nada. Y por desgracia me pasa muyyy amenudo. un besote

  15. I wish I went to libraries more often, they're often a really calming place, an inspirational post :) xx

  16. I can completely relate with the title of the book and with what you wrote...I would like to do so many things and somehow I feel I don't have enough time and then I jump from one activity to the other one...Anyway, I look forward to the next related post, hopefully you'll give us some advice/words of wisdom! Caterina

  17. i wonder what the book writes :)


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