09 10

LODD| Red socks!

Wearing: H&M coat, H&M Jumper, vintage boots

From now on, I'll be taking only indoor photos of my outfits (sorry about that). I just hate bothering people: (husband/friends/mum etc..) when i'm out and about, so I thought I'll take a shoot of my outfit before living home and that's it! This won't be photography wise genius but instead will be more about my personal style and everyday looks :), the good news are, i'm planing to do this on a daily basis, so you'll see daily updates of outfit posts. Still will do all the other stuff, like: DIY's, art, features, photography etc..I hope you don't mind this!

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  1. I absolutely understand you... I hate when somebody is following me taking outfit pics :D I do the same, especially in winter - I found my "background" place (livingroom's door) and I take photos trying not to get noticed :D
    /great boots! .)

  2. really lovely! I also do have trouble finding people taking pics of me... Can't wait for your daily inspirations!

  3. I know exactly what you mean! I hate pestering the boyfriend to take mine too, but then I think he secretly enjoys it too because it's different to his actual job (music photographer)! Love the bright pops of colour from the socks & the turquoise sweater here, so fun & I just love those boots!
    Happy to hear you arrived safely back in England too! :)

  4. Regardless your outfits will look awesome I bet :)
    Loving the blue aqua tone of your sweater

  5. victoria, that coat is sublime! i like your whole it's so you outfit. your indoor photos look just as good as your outdoor photos. does this mean you're back from mexico yet?

  6. sounds good, Victoria!! I actually kind of like when outfit posts are inside - then it’s more about the outfit rather than location. Looking beautiful, friend!

  7. Loving the red socks! And I always liked your indoor shoots. :) xx

  8. Nobody will do it for me anymore lol. I have had rows with mother and husband :) at least your house looks nice inside with the wooden flooring and white walls. Plus your style could be taken anywhere and it would still shine xxx

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Kylie :)

  9. I don't mind. I feel you about bothering people. I feel a bit different, for the lack of a better term, when I turn my friends into camera slaves. Great boots, btw!

  10. Me pasa lo mismo con las fotos !! Pero mi mama ya tiene un poco mas de nocion de lo que quiero!!! El toque de rojo da la chispa al look!!! muy bueno!


  11. Loving the red socks!!
    Great boots too!!

  12. i didn't know you're married! :O :)


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