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Outfit| Michael Jackson

The Outfit.
All things high waisted are more than welcome in my life, I know this silhouette works perfect for me, but is kind hard to find, specially shorts and trousers, the only places I can find this style are in vintage shops or American Apparel. If you know any other shops please let me know..
The photos.
The photos are part of a personal project called 'Ordinary Beauty' and as the name says is about finding beauty everywhere.
The Story.
I wore this yesterday  and my brother told me I look like a Michael Jackson /Frankenstein, should I take that as a compliment? I guess so, Who doesn't love a bit of Michael?

El Outfit.
Todas las cosas cintura alta son más que bienvenidos en mi vida, sé que esta silueta es perfecta para mí, pero es un poco difícil de encontrar, especialmente pantalones cortos y pantalones, los únicos lugares que puedo encontrar este tipo estilo es en tiendas vintage o American Apparel. 
Las fotos.
Las fotos son parte de un proyecto personal llamado 'Belleza ordinaria "y como su nombre lo indica se trata de encontrar la belleza en todas partes.
La Historia.
Me puse esto ayer y mi hermano me dijo que me parezco a Michael Jackson / Frankenstein, debo tomar eso como un cumplido? Supongo que sí,a quién no le gusta un poco de Michael?

19 comentarios:

  1. Gorgeous outfit, I love the trousers x

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! That necklace is amazing hun

    L x


  3. It's been a while since I've been commenting on your blog but here I am !
    I am very interested in your photo project, is there a site where I can see more of them or should I have to wait on your blog ? Let me know I am also a great fan of photography, you can see it by visiting my tumblr : http://www.shootthatshug.tumblr.com

    Anyway it seems like Mexico is the perfect place to be to take outfit pictures because it is so colorful and it also seems like art is present in every corner there !
    Thank you for sharing pictures from there!

    Shug'A'Very of Incognito


  4. Definitely take it as a compliment, Michael Jackson has the most amazing style. Frankenstein is also cool!

    Wonderful as usual Victoria! ♥

  5. you make me want to jump on a plane to Mexico SO beautiful.


  6. Incredible photographs, I love this outfit.
    I adore your blog, would you like to follow each other?

  7. Loving these photos! What kind of project is it?
    The cars are so pretty!

  8. Amazing look Victoria! Loving those high waisted trousers and the edgy way you have styled them. Love the photos to :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  9. Wow very amazing necklace ! You look great ! Oh and i want the vw beetle haha ! XX

  10. i love your style ,im your new follower kisses http://thefashionmylife.blogspot.com.es/

  11. I love how you put basic pieces together and it looks so chic when you wear it. I love the photos, too.

  12. I really like the sound of your project! It's great and yes, I feel that you can find beauty everywhere too. Yeah high-waisted bottoms work really well for me too, and it's definitely everywhere in Australia at the moment... x

  13. The high waist silhouette does fit you well - and well, the frankstein/michael jackson outfit is pretty sweet! i need to start something like that - pictures of a summer experience - or whatever, just picka thema and start clicking!

    have a nice friday!

  14. Muy buen proyecto, hermosas fotos y ese look es tan original!!!! me gusta mucho el collar! Que edad tiene tu hermano??

    besos guapa!!!
    aun en Mexico??


  15. I'm all about the beetles, it was my dream to have a canary yellow one, once upon a time. And these pics are a great way to show the beauty in destruction. I love the fragmented pieces of the cars, in the pic where it looks like they have collided and the bashed up wood. Makes me feel like breaking a few things...just for fun...x

  16. the photos, the details, the creepers <33333


  17. The photos are so cool! And your t-shirt is great, it looks so well cuted!

  18. This outfit is exactly my sort of style, I just can't find high wasted black trousers could you tell me a few shops where I could get some? be much appreciated if you could, love this website.


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