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Elliptical Path SS13

Elliptical path is the SS13 collection from Covherlab by Marco Grisolia with geometric shapes and clean lines, continuous, they break like the corners of a mineral in the waist, creating an hourglass shape around a belt curled. Structured with baschine elastic contrast or narrow belts in multicolor strips, the stylized silhouette is a joint of straight and curved lines, vertical or horizontal, a constant coming and going of full and empty volumes that alternate on different proportions, lengths and asymmetries games.
Evolves in a series of reports of block color and material suggestions, light and technical, crisp and silky, glossy, matte or satin, in which the armies of georgette watermarks metal gold and silver, nylons and opalescent iridescent organza, realize backgrounds frost, glassy and holographic, aimed at underlining the ability of soft sci-fi 80's matrix that characterizes the soul of the collection.

Elleptical path es la colección SS13 de Covherlab por Marco Grisolia con formas geométricas y  líneas limpias y continuas, se rompen como las esquinas de un mineral en la cintura, creando una forma de reloj de arena en torno a un cinturón doblado. Estructurado con contrastes elásticos o estrechas franjas multicolores, la silueta estilizada es un conjunto de líneas rectas y curvas, vertical u horizontal, un constante ir y venir, vacíos que se alternan en diferentes proporciones, longitudes y juegos de asimetrías.
Evoluciona en una serie de reportajes de color bloque y sugerencias de materiales, la luz y la técnica, fresco y sedoso, mate satinado o satinado, en la que los ejércitos de oro georgette de metal filigrana de plata, medias de nylon y organza iridiscente opalescente, darse cuenta de fondos helada y cristalina y holográficos, destinado a poner de relieve la capacidad del soft sci-fi de los 80 que caracteriza el alma de la colección.

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  1. Amazing collection! Is he a Mexican designer? I haven't heard of him before! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com

  2. Gorgeous collection, the cuts here are so fresh
    Great find!

  3. This collection is amazing! I'm so glad you posted it, what a great find! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, you have an amazing one yourself!

    x lauren

  4. Oh wow! Sooo beautiful collection!!! :)

  5. Ooh this is so beautiful! I love the clean lines & the subtle oriental influences. That last bag which the model has her arm through is my favourite though, what a cool idea for carrying a bag! :)

  6. Everything is gorgeous!


  7. These are so artful and stunning. He does great work! I love #2 and #4, my favourites! :)

  8. oooo love this collection, the designs are so creative and most of all I love the way it was photographed! very creative! :)

  9. Beautiful collection !
    Lovely colours !


  10. Wow, love this kind of geometry classes!


  11. Love the design of the clothing and the photography mixed with adobe illustrator x


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