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The Black Baroque Jumper

Black has to be one of my favourite colours, I  wear a lot of colour too, but black is always there, in shoes, hats, gloves, bags, scarfs.
The wrong way of wearing black it's using every single piece in the same fabric, like polyester shirt with polyester trousers, a bland combination.
For me the best way to wear black on black is by using different textures, lengths and accessories like statement black leather jewellery, hats, gloves, chunky rings, playing with lengths by using a long scarf over a short jacket or the opposite etc.. There is so many great ways to style black in an interesting way
one of the girls I love how she use black is
In this case I didn't use accessories, instead I played with different textures like this baroque print with velvet, leather, wool and cotton, I also played with sizing, oversize jumper with pencil skirt to give a better silhouette.

Negro tiene que ser uno de mis colores favoritos, llevo un montón de color también, pero el negro esta siempre allí, en zapatos, sombreros, guantes, bolsos, bufandas.
La manera incorrecta de vestir de negro es utilizando cada pieza de la misma tela, como camisa de poliéster con pantalones de poliéster, una combinación un poco aburrida.
Para mí, la mejor manera de vestirse de negro sobre negro es el uso de diferentes texturas, longitudes y accesorios como joyas de cuero negro, sombreros, guantes, anillos gruesos, jugando con longitudes usando una bufanda larga sobre una chaqueta corta o lo opuesto, etc. 
En este caso no usé accesorios, en vez jugué con diferentes texturas como el terciopelo, el cuero, la lana y el algodón.

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  1. Tienes razón! Es la mejor manera de usar el negro es con diferentes texturas. Me gusto mucho tu jumper al estilo barroco.


  2. AAaah tenía mucho que no pasaba por tu blog. Anduve desaparecida de las redes y aqui ando otra vez, visitando mis blogs favoritos.
    Me encanta la sudadera negra, en la tienda donde trabajo tenemos un pantalón con un print muy parecido.
    Un beso XX

    Trendy Feeling

  3. this jumper ticks all the right boxes <3

  4. Which brand is this jumper??Just perfect.

  5. Great styling tip! Love wearing black most of the time, too.

  6. victoria, the textures definitely make it interesting. black is a staple. :)

  7. I feel like all I ever wear anymore is black. Killer outfit, love that jumper!

    x lauren

  8. i am a huge fan of black - and indeed, the magic is to combine different materials and textures creating incredible looks! it is sooo cool the effect you can bring up wearing the right piece... and black is timeless and extremely chic!
    thanx for sharing!

  9. Wow that jumper is amazing Victoria! SO different in the way it's made up of all those different textures! Love love love! :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  10. me encanta el baroque!! love that it's oversized too .. xx

  11. Black is my favourite colour :) So simple and elegant

    XOXO Sade

  12. Hola Victoria, el negro también es mi color favorito y sin duda que en invierno es la temporada en que lo uso más. Tienes razón, diferentes texturas y materiales hacen que un outfit negro se vuelva interesante o divertido, saludos! :)

  13. Awesome textures there.

  14. really like what you've done with textures - i'm addicted to black but sometimes it makes me look just sad; need to use your idea!

  15. Just wore an all-black outfit too! Black's definitely awesome (:


  16. that jumper is just perfect!

  17. In love with this & the jumper is amazing! I love how the front is patterned, that little bit of leather on the shoulders & then a knitted back, so interesting & such a good combination of textures! Love the slouchy oversized shape of it with the tight pencil skirt too!
    I totally agree that mixing textures is the best way to wear head-to-toe black, & this outfit just proves that it doesn't have to be boring! :)

  18. You're right, when wearing one shade from head to toe, its all about texturizing. I'm actually in London at ze mo and looking for a bulky but 'cool' jumper at the mo, so will use yours as a template/for inspiration...x

  19. preciosa como siempre! me encanta el estilo barroco y tú lo llevas genial!
    un beso

  20. Esa sudadera es fenomenal!! Qué guapa estas comadre..

  21. great look, loving your long hair too!

  22. This combination of black is perfect and the jumper is stunning!



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