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Life Begins..

Mazamitla Forest, Jalisco, Mexico.
Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.  Feeling comfortable is something we all like to feel, in fact the majority of people stay in this comfort for the rest of their lives.  Staying in a job, relationship, situation etc... we no longer enjoy only because is comfortable and doesn’t involve any risk, but in the long run can make your life very dull.
I have been in and out of comfort zones like most of people, but every time I was stepping out of my comfort zone, I felt alive. Confronting my fears and trying new challenges made me feel nervous, insecure and worried, these feelings are created by fear, our fear of failing, fear of new things, fear of new challenges etc… But by confronting this feelings you become stronger, by taking risks you won’t get it right all the time, but you’ll learn a hell of a lot more by stepping out of that comfort zone.

La vida empieza cuando sales de tu zona de confort. Sentirse cómodo es algo que a todos nos gusta sentir, de hecho, la mayoría de las personas permanecen en esta comodidad por el resto de sus vidas. Permaneciendo en un trabajo, una relación,  situación, etc.. que ya no disfrutan porque es cómodo y no implica ningún riesgo, pero a la larga puede hacer tu vida muy aburrida.
He estado dentro y fuera de las zonas de confort, como la mayoría de la gente, pero cada vez que daba un paso fuera de mi zona de confort, me sentía mas viva. Enfrentando mis miedos y dando frente a los nuevos retos que me hicieron sentir nerviosa, insegura y preocupada, estos sentimientos son creados por el miedo, el miedo al fracaso, miedo a lo nuevo, el temor a lo desconocido, etc ... Pero el confrontar estos sentimientos te hace más fuertes, al tomar riesgos puedes caer, pero aprenderás mucho más por salir de esa zona de confort.

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  1. I really like this post, it's exactly how I feel sometimes. And the photos go very well with it! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  2. You have a beautiful hair! the shirt and the hat are pretty too! great post , like always!


  3. Beautifully written post and you look stunning in the photo's

    Chloe xo


  4. wao! que paisaje más maravilloso,
    i love it!!
    estás monísima!

    Un besito.

  5. this is so absolutely true and i hope i'm gunna get over my fears if you can say that in english. i wanna be alive and not in this routine. and i don't wanna be scared. i'm working on that x

  6. Gorgeous photos girl! And how hot is your outfit - I love the masculine touches with the hat and vest x


  7. beautiful scenery! it looks very serene. it is so true what you say about fear. fear has the ability to cripple us and stop us from experiencing all the special things the world has to offer.


  8. Beautiful and wise words, if we never took any risks we would never learn what life has to offer. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Mexico. Xxx

  9. What a marvelous place (and the house such a dream to live in). I completely agree with you. Perhaps that is why I always want to move or try my hand at new things. Makes life frenetic -- but it makes it alive! You look perfectly chic cowgirl in the forests of Jalisco! -- J xxx

  10. Wow, love it! Beautiful words too ♥

  11. you're absolutely right! Trying new things makes me happy, too. and I love these pics.

  12. Wow this place is so amazing, so so beautiful! And your outfit is absolutely perfect for it, with the khaki vest and denim shirt. Such a great combo for a fantastic location! =)

    Anna @ FEED ME NANA xoxo

  13. Amen, estoy totalmente de acuerdo... vivir y experimentar nuevas cosas! <3 xxx

  14. love, both for words and pictures <3

  15. Aw those are some gorgeous pictures! :) Lovely post :D xxx

  16. amazing photos! I love those places..and you look lovely, dear:) <3

  17. Beautiful words..
    Amazing place ..


  18. Amazing pictures!

    Love your outfit :)


  19. What a cool blog - so glad I finally found you!

  20. I love new challenges, moving to a new place, going abroad. Just as you've said, in situations like that I feel alive! :D

    PS. I love the house on the 5th picture!

  21. Oh, great!!! And you look so stylish, Victoria :)
    Thank you so much for visiting me!!
    xoxo Lola

  22. I love these pictures so much. The scenery is beautiful. I especially love the shot where you are in the bottom left. You are so right about pele sticking to their comfort zones and how exhilarating it is to step out of it. It can be as simple as going out to a party by yourself, but most people would never do such a thing. It is easiest to take the well traveled route, and your reminder to step off that path now and again is a good one! xo

  23. Realmente hermoso.
    Espero algún día me invites a pasear por ese bosque. :)
    Enfrentar los miedos es la única cosa que tienes que hacer para triunfar.
    Y estoy segura que ya lo has hecho Victoria.
    Tu amiga que te estima.
    Mariana :)

  24. This is what I need right now. I am honestly scared cause I'm out of my comfort zone. I just left my job after five years of service. I grew up with the same environment, worked with the same people, did the exact same things, everything felt like a routine. I chose to let go and I will never look back.

    This time, I want to soar.

  25. looks like a beautiful adventure!
    I love how you said "Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone"

  26. Well I was definitely in my comfort zone after living in London for about 15 years. In fact I say now that in the last few years, I was not living, I just existed. Moving to Berlin was when I definitely began to live again, push myself, get more ideas and soon this journey will end and my life will begin again. It's not only cats that have 9 lives!!


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