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Vintage Shopping Tips

I feel a bit disconnected from Internet. I've been visiting family and friends and enjoying my time here. I will show you some photos from my trip but in the meantime, I created these tips for vintage shopping:

-Buy something timeless, make sure that if you're buying a label you're buying an iconic piece--something that won't lose value over time, like Chanel jacketYSL blouses--all the major pieces from fashion history.
- Purchase a quality piece when you're vintage shopping, look for something that’s a quality item—not something that will fall apart after one wear! Don’t be afraid to make it modern if you like the fabric or the idea of a piece, use alterations to update it and make it more modern. 
-Find your era. All vintage shop owners seem to focus on a specific time period, so find a shop that suits your personal taste and always look for the details that will make a piece unique.
-Don’t go vintage-crazy the key to wearing vintage “right” is mixing it with modern pieces, so don’t wear vintage head to toe, you might end up looking like you took a step out of a time machine.

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  1. nice tips.and i love that white suit!
    i completely agree with your last tip about mixing the old with the new!

  2. Great tips, I love the picture

    Chloe xo


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  4. Mix old and new it's the right thing!

    Liliana de Um Blog Fashion

  5. Great tips and it's good to know you're enjoying your vacation and you're taking a break from blogging. I want to go on break too. Soon.

    I really believe in quality over quantity and investing on pieces that will last.

  6. have a lovely trip, dear!!
    and that white collage just puts a spell on me. love it.
    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Very good tips! Glad to hear you are busy with your friends and family!
    Can't wait to see photos.

    I will send you an email tomorrow with our photos of our meeting :)

  8. Muy buenos consejos! Que tal te va todo Victoria! Siento no haberme pasado nada este verano pero no he estado mucho tiempo con el ordenador!
    Veo que sigues tan guapa y estilos a como siempre, así me gusta!
    Un besazo enorme

  9. Hola !!!! Que emocion que estes por tu tierra, me imagino que super ocupada viendo a todo el mundo!!
    Buenisima entrada , si piendo que la clave como tu dices esta en mezclar y la seguridad que tengas al llevar la prenda !!
    Que haras para el grito ??

    besos guapa

  10. These are good tips! I am travelling to London today, and can't wait to hit my favourite vintage destination-Peekaboo. I agree with you on the quality tip, I bought this seemingly amazing black velvet bodice and gold and black netting skirt outfit once, and then I went to a party and within one hour a big hole had formed in the skirt! I took it to my tailor and he said I should never buy vintage fabrics like this cause the fabric is too old. So that was a lesson learned!

  11. This illustration is beautiful, i love it so so much!! And i can only say amen to your tips ;)


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