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Sustainable living: lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual's or society's use of the Earth's natural resources and his/her own resources.Practitioners of sustainable living often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by altering methods of transportation, energy consumption and diet.[2] Proponents of sustainable living aim to conduct their lives in ways that are consistent with sustainability, in natural balance and respectful of humanity's symbiotic relationship with the Earth's natural ecology and cycles.
Because not all in this life is about clothes, shoes and handbags.. I'm so Proud of my little carrot!!!
These are my baby steps for a sustainable way...

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  1. we also have a garden with a lot of vegetables in it, nothing tastes better than fresh salad or tomatoes!

  2. this must be one of my favorite posts these days.

  3. hmmm delicious! Great post, love all the colour and graphics!

  4. Our family used to have an allotment, but now we have a small greenhouse in the back garden and lots of herb pots.
    It is so much better when you suddenly think about adding a certain herd to your dish, and can just walk out the back door to get it, instead of walking for 15 minutes over to the shop.

    Such a lovely post!

    giselle x


  5. so cool! do you have a plot in a community garden? my neighbor's been giving me fresh veggies all summer from her garden: basil, tomatoes, peppers. it's inspiring! never tried growing anything myself. but i'd like to try some day!

  6. Muy bueno que estés tomando esta iniciativa, siempre he querido tener mi propio jardín para plantar mis vegetales y hierbas :)


  7. You are so right. There is more to life than fashion. Thank you for raising awareness. An important message to share.


  8. still being a step! and drinking your home grow mojitos is awesome! really a good idea! we have a huge basilikum at home.. I love it! I just need more time to do more garden work... the hubby does work on it regurlaly though...
    drinking caipis from home limes - or green lemons, whatever you prefer - it's also fantastic... and delicious!
    a baby step still being a step!


  9. really great post. i agree. i would really love to have my own garden but it is a lot harder when you live in the city and have no balcony :(

    xx rae

  10. loving this post! so do you have a garden or you're planting in a place that you share with other people?


  11. We don't exactly have our own garden but we grow our own leafy veggies. We grow our own chili too. The tiny red spicy ones. Family's really into spice.

  12. wow, i'm totally with you! everyone of us should be more aware of this subject and try a bit harder to respect the environment. we have a garden where we grow tomatoes, salad, strawberries and so on and i just love to have a freah meal and you know where your food comes from. i'm rally proud of you and your carrots ;)

  13. I can't wait to have my own place so I can start growing my own food, wonderful xx


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