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Hairstyles + Sunglasses

-Depending on the hairstyle is how I will pick my sunglasses for the day. 
-This Lolita hair style is perfect with this Sunglasses, from my shop  ;), because they have a vintage design and I really want to show the silver tips detail so the Lolita hair style is perfect.
-For the everyday messy hairstyle, I will normally go for the classic  Ray Ban wayfarer Sunglasses to add a bit of rock 'n roll vibe.

-For this retro hairstyle I picked this quirky sunglasses  to complement the the retro look.
-For the all white look inspired by Yoko and Lennon wedding clothing style and 60's scarf hair style I picked the classic John Lennon shape sunglasses.
-For the classic bun hairstyle and bright lips, I went for a more glamorous choice of designer sunglasses . This Stella McCartney  sunglasses are the perfect shape and colour for the a bit more sophisticated look.
-Do you mix and match hairstyle and sunglasses too? or I'm the only weirdo.

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  1. Ahhhh Victoria i love this post and how you edited the photos! I just bought a pair of lennon-esque sunnies!

    XOXO Sade

  2. I know exactly what you mean, hair can really make a difference

    You look awesome in all the glasses :)


  3. Yes! I do the same thing and I can't believe I've been meaning to write a similar post these days!! But now I'm having second thoughts, yours is great! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  4. Such beautiful looks, love the first glasses especially xx

  5. hee hee i never thought that sunglasses could be inspired by hair styles but I do believe that these are perfect pairs!

  6. One accessory I have never really worn much are sunglasses! I love the way they look but I never grab them, though I have a few pairs. I think it's because I always wear a hat in the sun and it shields my eyes. This might change now though, having seen all these cool looks you have shown in this post.


  7. you can totally rock all these sunglasses. also i love how you made yr pic look like a centerfold ;) very cool. i never wear sunglasses because i think they look bad on me :S

  8. Perfect! I love the way you edit the pics! So cool :)


  9. victoria, how is it that you look good in everything? i'm serious. i match my sunglasses to my outfit.

  10. love the editon as well! Really nice... Well, I am kind of picky regarding sunnies.. I have 2 good ones - my student budget haven't allowed me so far to purchase more- and a couple of cheap market sunnies... I am kind of weird, love the Jackie Kennedy style and it is hard to change it... I've been in love with the popular Celine shades that many bloggers have been wearing around, however I haven't been in Europe since last summer and in brazil everything is sooooo much more expensive than in europe that I'll have to wait til the European winter to get new ones. I love your Stella McCartney sunnies! It fits you very well! I am kind of a crazy person who sticks with a style for some time... well, better not even ask how I survive the "wannabe blonde style" from 80% of the Brazilian ladies from the South of Brazil where I am living now... kind of depressing. All mainstream, all painted blond, all very boring and all the same. Soo boring... it's sooo mainstream and soooooo too much for a kind of tropical island... they are always soooo overdressed... I am kind of being crazy again... and changing the subject!
    Love the pictures, and no, you are not the only one to "mix and match hairstyle and sunglasses" you are just more creative and stylish than most of us!


  11. que bonita te ves!
    Nos encanta el estilo Retro y YokoLennon (:

  12. Nice collection, you transform completely from hairstyle to hairstyle, from sunnies to sunnies! :)


  13. Love this post, so inspirational

  14. Aahhhhhh! SCREAMS SO LOUD! I totally love the photos. I'm saving some on my folder. Just for the mood board. Not sharing them anywhere online but if I do, will link it back to your blog, for sure.

    Want the studded jacket.

  15. Beautiful photos, que guapa eres!! xx

  16. I love this post!!I'm new follower , I hope you follow me back! <3

  17. You look awesome in all the glasses!!So inspirational :)

  18. tengo que reconocer que soy una persona triste con dos pares de gafas solamente. pero claro, cuando te las tienes que graduar es más dificil. de todas formas cuando llevo el pelo lolita sí que uso unas en concreto. y estoy deseando conseguir las míticas en forma de corazón, entonces sí que conjuntaré las gafas con el pelo!

  19. these sunnies are my "must have" <3

  20. With the first set of pics, for a split second, I thought you had cut your hair. A crop would totally suit you! I love sunglasses but on other people, it's one of those things I never took to- like drinking coffee- when I wear sunglasses, after 2 mins I have to take them of! Anyhoo, back to you, you have a great selection but my favourite has to be the Bewitched ones cause they bring back nostalgic childhood memories...

  21. Amazing post! I love your glasses collection, i tend to match mine to the style of clothes I'm wearing rather than my hair but that's purely because my hair is always down and middle parted! xx

  22. Love your blog, my first time in here. Fantastic x


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