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Colour vs Prozac

My alarm started ringing; I didn't wanted to wake up, I was feeling very tired, the sky was dull and grey and all I wanted to do is stay in bed under the covers... I guess I was feeling blue (One of those days, you know...)
Whenever I have a blue day, I make an extra effort to wear colour because it creates this instant lift to my mood.
I notice when people are wearing a very colourful outfit, they put an instant smile in my face.
How to wear it?
Full? Top? or Pop? These are my examples of each. 
How do you use colour? Full, Top or Pop?

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  1. I don't do any of these, since the most colorful item of my wardrobe is brown, I guess :D

  2. Amazing post sweetie! :)

    Take care, Daniella xox

  3. When I see people wearing lots of colour, it makes me smile too. Full is the way to go - and the first outfit is my favouritw! x

  4. me encanta la t-shirt de jimi hendrix, mi heroe♥
    en cuanto al color.. rara vez lo uso.. ya que rara vez me siento "feliz" como para usar color, la verdad suelo levantarme depre y mal humorada diario.. pero si haz visto mis blogs y dibujos ya habras notado mi obsesion con la depresion.
    Casi siempre ando de negro... el cual catalogan como ausencia de color, mas que un color en sí..
    para mi es el mejor color.. pero los demas, como en tus outfits siempre me gusta cmo se ven mezclados, contrastados o de pies a cabeza un solo tono.. sin embargo, cuando yo los uso, no siento que va conmigo :S
    tal vez el rojo.. ese sí...
    cool looks!

  5. I love to use colour in the different ways, it makes me feel more happy!
    You look great ;)


  6. i do the same thing when i'm feeling down. i'll even throw some temporary dye in my hair.

    you are too cute. i love your thoughtfulness and the creativity behind your fashion and your posts.

    i have missed this place while i've been internet-less!!!

  7. love the mix of colors and patterns! the day here is not that different from yours... good idea!! to add somo color and change the mood!!!
    love the color scheme and the work in the pictures - and miss your collages!!!
    love it!! hendrix look and the two last looks are my favorites!
    have a nice tuesday!

  8. Oooh love these looks, think my favourite is the hot pink and red. See I tend to the opposite and wear black when I am tired hah xx

  9. yeah… I totally understand what you’re talking about. I had one of THOSE days yesterday. managed to make it pretty productive though :)
    I personally don’t wear a lot of color, but if someone else does, I love it when it’s full. just go for it and be bold!!

  10. I love these colour combos! Hoping that I could someday match colours like you do.. Someday when I own also something else than just grey clothes :D


  11. Amazing post sweetie and
    amazing a lot of color that I personally adore!!
    Your fashion and your outfit posts makes me smile :)
    Love it!!

  12. Here the 'top only' pictures are my favourite.
    I agree with you though that wearing lots of colour lifts a dull mood. I make sure I do the same if I'm feeling that way

    Francesca xo

  13. i love these styles, you ALWAYS look great! my favorite is the acid-grey jeans w/ the yellow and red sweater. i would never think of that combination. also really like the first two "total color" looks as well.

  14. i'm never brave enough to do full, but i always love a pop. oh, i really like that jimmy hendrix tee.


  15. Maravillosa entrada Victoria, como siempre la creatividad a flor de piel. Me gusta mucho el primer look y el del sueter rojo con jeans ochenteros. Vestir colores vivos siempre te anima yo como buena mexicana me quedo con el full !!!

    muchos bexos !


  16. I am the same too, the more blue I feel the more colour I put on. I don't even think about it! Like last weekend when I was in LDN, I was veeeery blue and had to meet some friends for dinner. And the next thing I knew I was reaching for my fuschia pink big earings, my multi cloured button necklace and acid green maxi! It was like I was wearing the exact opposite of what I was feeling inside!
    I don't think I have a full or top or any system to putting on colour, I just throw bits on and take it from there...

  17. Amazing outfits, you definitely put a smile on my face <3 <3 xx

  18. I love full colour outfits, but most of the time I just tend to wear a pop of colour :) xx

  19. you put a smile in my face today :)

  20. I agree with you. When I have those kinds of days, I wear me some happy color too. I want to pop. Like Pringles. XD

  21. I wear them in all the ways but mostly top; that's my favourite. Love this x


  22. Love love love!<3love how you mix match them!Keep goinggggggg,love yaa :)
    Kisses from Indonesia,xx



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