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Sale time! How I shop..

Sales are everywhere now! I actually hate it! Don't get me wrong I love a bargain but I hate going into every shop full of women and piles of clothes, shoes everywhere on the floor; Rails and rails of clothes from 2005.
Whenever I go to a shop I like to see the Visual Merchandising and being able to see all the colours and textures hanging in order.
Last week the lifestyle magazine Most Wanted for VoucherCodes.co.uk contacted me to take part in their 'Secret Sales Challenge'. The challenge is part of a bigger research project for a 'Summer of Smarter Spending 'they gave me £70 budget to spend  so here is what I bought and my tips for buying on sales:

Over the years my mentality of buying clothes has change, I used to buy more quantity rather than quality and I think now I'm opposite so that is why now I buy more timeless pieces with better quality.
I picked  this denim jacket from ZARA; Sale price £29.99, for me anything denim will always be on trend it all depends how you styled it with other pieces or you can also DIY denim shorts, jackets, jeans to updated them so that is why I picked this jacket.
The second item I bought was this boots from ASOS; Sale price £22. The type of shoes that you can wear now and in 5 years time and for £22 I think is such a bargain! I'm also wearing vintage Versace print Blouse.
My third item was this pair of Leather Gladiator Sandals from ASOS. Sale price £16. This was the best bargain of all! £16, soft leather and comfortable sandals! I cut the 2 middle straps as I thought they looked a bit heavy on my feet and Voila! I think I did pretty good with only £70! What you think? 
So far this is the resume of my experience:
-Buying sales online was actually better for my pocket than in the shops because I had time to think what I really need rather than just rushing into buy something only because has the word SALE!
-Don't buy things only because they have a massive 70% off  only if you really need them. I think sometimes we rush into buy things only because is really cheap and you end up buying 5 items for a £10 that you are going to wear once; Instead buy one piece that you really need and love :)
-Always invest more in things that you can wear at least the following 3 years and just get a couple of items for the season that you can mix and match!
I really hope this was helpful and let me now your thoughts! Enjoy your week!

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  1. Lovely tips and I adore your sense for diy!
    If you're interested, you can check my crafting projects @ www.moiminnie.blogspot.com!
    Have a good day,

  2. Great post Victoria! I love your sale picks, very smart buys for sure! I really love your gladiator sandals and I love your printed shirt! :)

    Take care, Daniella xox

  3. I am in love with the second outfit, the Versace print shirt is gorgeous.
    X Jane


  4. Great post Victoria. I love everything you picked, especially the booties! I also really like how you've styled them with the beautiful blouse.


  5. Ohhh you bought great things! Love them! XXX

  6. I totally agree that online shopping for sale items is best. I don't like trawling round the messy shops and you have more time to decide when you're shopping online. You did really well with £70! The sandals look really good with the middle bit cut off! xx

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  8. "Over the years my mentality of buying clothes has changed, I used to buy more quantity rather than quality and I think now I'm opposite so that is why now I buy more timeless pieces with better quality."

    TOTALLY agree. I used to shop and shop like an idiot, so I ended up with heaps of shit that didn't even fit into my aesthetics. I donated lots, sold some, and I'm still trying to sell a big part of it. a lesson for everybody!

  9. i think it's cool to buy stuff online if you absolutely KNOW its going to fet...i guess at my size all the time and usually, it works...and a lot of the time you can't return sale items :/ shoes are tricky to buy online because i always have to try them on... i sort of like the messy chaos of a sale...i shop best at thrift stores and outlets, where everything is sort of heaped together and i just have to wade through it :) (the really frustrating part of a sale, is finding something you really like and then there is only a size 0 left :P)

    i really like how you cut the bottom shoes into an ankle-strap sandal instead of leaving them as a gladiator, very nice!

  10. Que sabia comadre jejeje.. me gustan mucho tus compras!! :)

  11. Great post: I like these pictures so much!!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    Win a pair of custom denim shorts by Khojo Vintage!!

  12. wow i love those <3 you are such lovely taste of style!

    1. jaja yo soy igual como tu a mi no me hace mucha gracia eso del sale y pelearme con un monton de chicas por ropa ;) y me encanta la chaqueta denim k cogiste pero lo k mas amo de este post es la camisa vintage versage print! es preciosa!
      un beso mary

  13. tips are spot on!
    oooo that vinny printed blouse GIMME!!

    J x

  14. Todo es hermoso.
    <3 E S T I L A Z O. !!!
    Un beso linda.

  15. Me encanta el segundo outfit, y los zapatos del primero! pero es que me encanta tu originalidad! me encanta! :D un BESO!

  16. I agree with you, best not to go too crazy in the sales and try and mentally plan pieces into your wardrobe first. If they don't work, don't buy them! x miaoliver.blogspot.com

  17. smart tips! i don't like shopping when a bunch of people are going crazy at a sale either.

  18. Necesito una chaqueta de mezclilla ya, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tus tips, más vale la calidad porque al final es lo que te dura años en el closet. Saludos,

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  20. OMG i know EXACTLY how you feel. All of my emails all from shops i'm subscribed to that all currently have huge sales & rather then feeling excited i get overwhelmed looking through everything. I also used to shop excessively big quantities of clothing but this year I've decided to invest more on quality items. Totally agree with you though 100%.


  21. I LOVE the denim jacket, it's amazing!:) The second outfit is also so lovely! Xx

  22. LOVE the outfit, as always. I love/hate end of season sale cause it prevents and stops my future plans for travelling and music festivals. T.T

  23. Your style is incredible and you have a real unique look about you.


  24. OMG I need those sandals they are gorgeous ! can't believe they were £16 going to try my luck on ASOS right now and see if they've still got them , fingers crosssedd
    Great finds, your blog is definitely one of my favourites atm, can't help but keep checking back to see if you've posted :P


  25. The second oputfit is amazing, I love the print on your blouse and it all looks so good, eap with your boots!
    I love the white shoes too, very chic! xx

  26. I am the same, I hate the sales moment. It looks like everybody forget their brain at home! And I used to be so proud of me coming back with 5 tees for 10€, and then never wear them. I could use some of your tips aparently ;)

  27. Great choices. That gladiator sandal is fierce. One of my biggest challenges is wearing white shoes you wear them quite well lady!

  28. Oh gosh this is amazing I am such a fool for sales but I prefer online shopping, like asos have amazing sales. I hope you are doing well, how is your shop doing??

  29. Great jacket. That's exactly what I've been looking for!

  30. I can totally agree over this quantity to quality transition...once I've realized I'm gonna end up buried alive, I started slapping myself every time I think of buying something really unnecessary just for being dirt cheap...still not there, but struggling :)

    amazing bargain finds, I'm in love with that dip dye Zara jacket!

  31. yeah its so important to buy things that youll actually wear and use than because ITS ON SALE...i try to stay away from that....i just go home most of the time because Chicago is so busy like any one metro I just get tired of tourist and GO HOME..

    and im tired of THROWING MY MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN at urban outfitters....nothing last anymore!

  32. Yes, to those white shoes. Love the 2nd look as well.


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