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Music/ My Friday Playlist #1

The Honeymoon Killers 1987
Friday Playlist #1 by victoria vallarta on Grooveshark 
Music is very important in my life in fact I don't think I could live without it; It's the source of energy for my body and soul. I dance, think and cry to music and when it comes to style I feel extremely inspired by musicians way of dressing trough history; Musician style is creative, relaxed and effortless. 
I'm always trying to find new music. I want to share with you..Here is my 10 songs for the weekend. Enjoy.
La música es muy importante en mi vida, de hecho, no creo que yo podría vivir sin ella, es mi fuente de energía para el cuerpo y el alma. Bailo, piensor y lloro con  la música y cuando se trata de estilo, me siento muy inspirada por músicos y manera de vestir a través la historia, el estilo es creativo, relajado y sin esfuerzo.Siempre estoy tratando de encontrar nueva música. Quiero compartir con ustedes ..Esta es mi lista de reproducción Viernes. Disfruta!

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  1. I really like this photo. Believe me or not but I really thought that the girl on the left side was you because I can totally imagine you wearing what she is wearing !

    Music is my fuel too, if I didn't listen to it, I think my life would be boring as hell, it enables us a kind of catharsis :).

    Shug'A'Very from Incognito


  2. I totally agree with you-music is so powerful and connects with our emotions on every level. Musical style is important too, the band pictured look so cool! Xx

  3. Tienes un muy buen gusto musical, eso que ni que, al rato escuchare todo el playlist, ahora me voy a la escuela. Ten un bonito día.

  4. Asian Dub Foundation :) woohoo!!! and the other song is also quite interesting :) Have a lovely weekend!!! :D

  5. They all look great ! xx

  6. Lovely post! :))
    you should make even more music related posts!!

  7. my dad is a musician and even though i never developed a talent for playing instruments, music has always been a huge part of my life. there's nothing else in this world that can evoke such deep feelings like music, at least that's how i feel about it :) thanks for sharing your list!

  8. great post! music is everything right! I wish I could sing too =/ haha
    freaking cool picture =)

  9. Ellos son fantásticos.
    La música es lo mejor..<3
    Y valla que estilo tenían,me encantaron.
    Un beso Victoria

  10. cool playlist. and that photo is amazing.

  11. Great list! I don't think there's a single song on there I don't like, plus, you've got The Pixies - Debaser, which is possibly my all time favourite song (it's my alarm too)! Also, just love that tasseled skirt in the photo!

  12. me encanta escuchar tu música! Como siempre, besos!


  13. Oh those shoes are such winners! I want them

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    1. siii yo tampoco podria sin musica y cada vez estoy impresionada de los sentimientos fuertes k puede evocar la musica y tambien siempre me dejo inspirar de mis cantantes favoritos ;)
      kiero esta falda de flecos!!!
      un beso mary


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