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The Dungarees

Hello Beautiful people! Here is my 100 % man repeller look. Wearing the worst nightmare for a man. The dungarees. I love girls that don't dress to please a man like  Leandra's philosophy.
It's about wearing whatever you want and expressing yourself through clothes weather the opposite sex like it or not! I think that dressing only to  please a man is so last century haha!
The dungarees are a bit inspired in Phillip Lim 2013 Resort Collection  leather dungarees.
Hola gente hermosa! Aquí está mi look 100% hombre repelente look. La  peor pesadilla para un hombre. Los overoles. Me encantan las chicas que no se visten para complacer a un hombre como la filosofía de Leandra.Se trata de usar lo que quieras y expresarte por medio de la ropa. Creo que vestirse tan solo para agradar a un hombre es muy del siglo pasado jaja!
 Los overoles son un poco inspirados en Phillip Lim 2013 pantalones de cuero Collection Resort.

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  1. You rocks Victoria! We should dress for ourselves first. We should be happy with ourselves. If we're not happy then the people who loves us won't be happy either. The day I put on my long hair wig, my hubby sighed, my son cried but at least I tried LOL

  2. i definately agree with the man repeller's philosophy! and i love dungarees right now! :) x

  3. I think the majority of women dress for other women... Just look at the amount of female bloggers appreciating each others outfits :)
    Great hair colour!

  4. Beautiful look! I love the hair


  5. Oh wow I love the hair, love the whole look! I totally agree, I never dress for a man, I used to when I was a naive teenager. I just got some huge paisley print trousers that are my favs at the moment and my husband hates them hehe x

  6. my lord, do I love your hair. LOVE your hair. x

  7. yuhuu pareces arale que guay :D

  8. 100% should dress for yourself and nobody else, you look incredible girl


  9. Ha, ha, I am away for a few weeks from blogging and the blogsphere, I come back and see you with blue hair- I am most definitely back in this crazy world! I adore dungarees, and would wear them myself but my figure does not suit them. At all. I like the way that, like shorts, you can sexify them if you don't want to look too boyish by slipping on heels as you have done!

  10. Effin love the blue hair!!

    Lots of love,

  11. Menudo cambio de look! Me encanta el pelo azul jaja
    El look es genial y he de decirte que me encantó la cazadora vaquera que llevaste al festival, los imperdibles en las hombreras quedan impresionantes.
    Un besazo guapa

  12. I absolutely love this look, the dungarees are great. I agree you should dress to please yourself! x

  13. Where's the comment I made before? The one with the people who should love you has originally just been a reply to my main-comment, which was by the way one of the longest comments I've ever made. That's so weird! Well it was something like that: I love dungarees so much! And I totally agree with the point that a girl should wear what she likes and I adore those people! There aren't that many persons who are brave enough for that but I'm definitely doing that! It's like I'm hearing things like "Are u seriously wearing a bow-tie? What the hell is that at your collar!?" every second day but it doesn't matter cause I love what I wear and I guess that's what it's about right? Oh and your blue hair is so cool, I totally understand your son's thought of a superhero haha x

  14. its funny to think that boys BELIEVE we dress from them...I LAUGH IN THEIR FACES..HO HO HO!

    is your hair really azul? QUE ES ESTO?

  15. I've just had a big catch up with your blog! I'm loving the new hair, it's such a lovely and unique shade, you really pull it off well.
    I love Leandra too, it's really inspiring to be told to dress for yourself! But I don't think dressing for yourself is totally man repelling, because if you're in an outfit you love you feel confident and there's nothing more attractive than confidence. I love these dungarees by the way, the shoes you're wearing are so unexpected but they totally work! xxx

  16. ooooo your hair amazing!!

    the dungarees w/those shoes - perfect.

    J x

  17. who cares if you look like a man repeller, you look hot! xD and i must say, post by post, you look more increasingly like alexa chung!

    rebecca x

  18. You are all kinds of adorable. Such a lovely outfit! And I'm definitely with you on the not-dressing-for-men front (sista); I'm completely sick of unsolicited comments from strangers telling me my outfit's unattractive! I'm dressing for myself and noone else!

    Emily Wears Things

  19. Love the blue hair on you! And if I was a man I would definitely be attracted! I think it's hoot!

  20. me encanta tu nuevo color de pelooooooooo!! Yo estoy mirando a ver que me hago en el mio, que esto ya empieza a aburrir!!! Y estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, hay que vestir como a uno le guste, nada de agradar a nadie!! :)

  21. woow so cool!!
    it all looks so amazingly cool on you,
    normally i don't like blue hair but it fits you! haha so cool :D


  22. YES TO DUNGAREES AND DRESSING FOR YOURSELF! they look so cute on you too! My boyfriend actually loves my dungarees!xx

  23. I've been stalking you via lookbook for ages and now I finally got my ass over onto your blog. you seem pretty crazy which is just my cup of tea. fantastic hair!

  24. very nice outfit! and I love ur blue hair, reminds me of Katy perry :D

    mind to follow each other? tell me if you want :D

  25. Soy nueva por estos lugares, pero debo decir que me he enamorado del cabello azul de esta chica, quiero robarme tu outfit :) me encanta todo, de pies a cabeza :P

    Contando una corta anécdota, hace años solía usar un estilo muy avril lavigne en sus inicios jajaj y un ex novio me decía que debía usar faldas y vestidos, no duramos mucho, no podía salir con alguien que quería cambiar mi estilo.

    Yo era soy muy "flans - no controles" jajajaja
    Saludos Srta vitoria

  26. My favourite outfits are always the man repelling one, as Dietrich said 'I dress for the image' you look awesome xxx

  27. You look super cute! Dungarees may be man repelling, but who cares about that? You look amazing, as is your hair! xx

  28. thanks for the comment on my blog, I love your hair!xx

  29. Cierto, seria horrible tener que complacer siempre a alguien y vestirte de la forma que otros quieren !! Pense que llevavas peluca, eres super aventada, mi hija me amaria si yo pintara el mio de morado pero no soy tan valiente !! Felicidades! Igual un dia me convence jajaja

    me encanta el post y el denim

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