Tuesday, 19 June 2012

How to accessorise your swimwear in 2012

Top tips for looking great in your swimwear in your sun tropical holiday, you’ll need to think about how that lovely two-piece or one-shoulder all-in-one is going to look underneath a cover-up.

2 great cover ups are:
The kaftan, which has shed its hippie festival connotations.
Another great cover-up option, and a top online fashion , is the maxi dress. This red tropical flower print maxi from Next is a great example.
The length of the fabric works both ways; in the heat, it keeps you cool and create a breeze; when the weather is a little chilly, it gives you extra coverage and hides any burns or blemishes (or hairy legs…or fake tan gone wrong…it’s a miracle worker!

Also I want to include some tips to reduce a bit of belly before you go on holiday.
These are my top 5 tips to reduce some belly for the summer holidays:
1- Don't Diet.
2- Eat fresh local products.
3- Try to go for a walk as often as you can.
4- Eat small portions.
5- Drink Omega 3 Oil twice a day. Great for the Brain and to burn fat!
That's it! That simple. I don't believe in diets. I believe in eating colourful food that looks pretty and are full of vitamins and minerals like Fruit and Veg. Off to cook some of that colourful food! Laters! 


  1. Sport, sport, sport, that's the key :) Great post, just love it!!!




  2. Great advice...and i love that high waist chevron swimsuit!

  3. haha, yes, ugh, i'll DEFINITELY be taking advantage of the MAXI DRESS this year at the beach...it also keeps me from getting burnt :P x

  4. Muy buen post, me quedo con el traje negro entero. Tus tips super buenos, creo en las dietas pero jamas he hecho una, prefiero cenar temprano y comer cosas frescas como tu recomendacion aunque aqui hay cada antojito que bueno para que te digo, porque se te antoja jaja


  5. Nunca he hecho una dieta en mi vida, prefiero comer en porciones chiquitas y moderadamente. Ahorita estoy yendo a correr con mi novio y estoy rebajando muy bien para este verano :) tomo mucha agua y aprovecho cualquier oportunidad para comer. Ojala mi traje de baño me quede a la perfección.

  6. Never even considered the cover-up. Is it that important to try it on w/ the swimsuit first?! ahh. oops, haven't ever done that!


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