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Motion/ Floral Grunge Sonic Youth

Kool Thing by Sonic Youth on Grooveshark
No one like Ashish to mix colours and sequins prints in a grunge/ punk style as he has done in  previous collections. The SS12 collection it's another example of how genius the prints are and how brilliantly he clashed bricks and flowers. This is the sort print clash I want to see in people for the coming months!
Sonic Youth* One of my favourite bands of all time. 
Merry Sunday!
Nadie como Ashish para mezclar colores y estampados de lentejuelas con un estilo grunge / punk como lo ha hecho en las colecciones anteriores. La colección SS12 es otro ejemplo de la genialidad de las impresiones de ladrillos y flores. Este es el choque de estampados que quiero ver en la gente para los próximos meses! 
Sonic Youth * Una de mis bandas favoritas de todos los tiempos.¡Feliz domingo!

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  1. Love it!!! The colors, the prints, its great for the sun!


  2. This collection is so you! Love it!!

  3. ashish is amazing indeed!

  4. victoria, when i saw this collection months ago, i immediately thought of YOU. :) i swear! we saw aonic youth in concert in 2009. it was super. my pics from the show are in the link below.


  5. i agree with teddi, this kind of stuff is SO you!! you have a daisy dress don't you?
    so good! x

  6. I love Sonic Youth! A couple of years ago when I was still living in Lisbon, they played there. I didn't go to the show but Lee Ranaldo played with another Portuguese musician in an art gallery / concert venue and they opened for Times New Viking. It was amazing, because the whole band was there - Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, etc, just chilling with everyone else. Earlier that day I had a sighting of Kim Gordon walking up one of the main streets in downtown Lisbon and it was one of those weird OMG moments, it felt really weird to have one of my teenage idols walking past me on the street in my hometown!

  7. El vestido de rayas con los girasoles fue uno de los que más me gustaron, porque las rayas me apasionan y mezcladas con colores llamativos...es lo más! y el detalle de añadir florecillas a las botas genial tambien :) y sí, hay que atreverse a la mezcla de estampados, que considero algo que quien lo haga bien, olé!!
    muchas gracias por el comentario, me hizo mucha ilusión viniendo de ti, que eres una de mis bloggeras predilectas!! ;)

  8. fab post! will have to get brave enuff to try this :) x

  9. Oh one of my favourites as well! 100%!

  10. Awesome post sweetie!! :)

    Take care,Daniella xox

  11. He really does it like no one else! I loved the sunflower dress outfit & all the flowers on the boots. I wish I were brave enough to clash so boldly like this, you would pull all of those looks off with total ease though, it is so you!

  12. Creo que ahora también es de mis favoritas!! Es genial.... es que lo quiero todo, todo jejeje... <3
    Feliz semana comadre

  13. Grungy grunge!! Sonic Youth reminds me of the movie, Juno!
    I have never seen brick print! I think I like it! ;)


  14. reminds me of everything i wore in the 90's. love it!


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