Monday, 28 May 2012

Inspiration| Street style/Art Bricklane @London

-Hello! Hope everybody enjoy the fantastic weekend!
+Just a few street Art and Style shoots I did a few weeks ago in Bricklane, London. A lot of colour and a lot of prints and a few DIY ideas. What you think about the art work in the walls?  It's brilliant isn't?
+In other news I'm getting out of my boredom cloud and I've been doing new things outside the  Internet world (which I'm in all the time because of my job) but sometimes you really need to step back and enjoy real life and the inspiration and ideas flow easily :)
-I'm really happy because my studio is nearly finish so I can't wait to show you around!
+I'm going to be covering Brighton Fashion Week - so that should be fun! Stay tuned!
-Happy mondays!
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