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SS12 Trends

The Fashion Weeks across the world have been leading us as to what the trends will be prevalent for the year, and with metallics, neons and  prints being in the forefront of style, how does this transcend to the shops?
Fashion houses are guiding your decisions with these strong trends to make it less mind boggling, and brands like Henry Holland and Alexander McQueen are tempting us with gorgeous designs in fantastic fabrics. On the catwalk, Chloe, Lanvin and Jimmy Choo have wooed crowds with their beautiful designs, and their store offerings do not disappoint.
And other fashion houses are providing us with the same options, with Herve Leger extending their famous bandage range to a collection of bold bikinis in stunning neon colours.
Personally one of my favourites is Henry Holland Spring collection called Pastel Punks it's about a super-feminine palette of pastel colours - like Miami buildings - mixed with quite masculine shapes and the feel of punk culture that the girls used to wear on the streets in the late '70s, early '80s and
Whether you prefer to be bold and daring with neon prints or more laid back with pastel tones, there is a ladies fashion trend that will suit every preference and skin tone.
It's important to adapt the trends to your own personal style and I think this can be achived.

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  1. amo el neon! espero que siga vivo por mucho, mucho tiempo más.. me gustan los collages que hiciste.. y sí, la colección de henry holland está muy cool.. siempre tiene ideas innovadoras para lo street style y más urbano.. a diferencia de la alta costura que vemos en otras colecciones lo cual está increíble pero jamás en la vida voy a poder usar..balmain tmb me gustó.. es como una mezcla de Elvis Presley+Vegas+bordados étnicos... y ojalá te compres esos zapatos amarillos.. los mint green me encantaron!.. saludos!

  2. The trend of thinking on my own, as always. Easier said than done.

    / Avy

  3. soo in love with this Michael Kors's striped jumper! I don't see it on his website though :(

  4. Love these pics speciall the House of Holand pants!

  5. I think I will be embracing pastels xoxo

  6. I just had a peruse of your DIYS - you really are the cleverest thing! Definitely going to try the crosses on the collars trick!


  7. I'm all for colours and prints, not so much with neon that I would use 'in moderation'...but some pops here and there are great.

  8. Now that is some nice 'ish



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