09 10

Visual Merchandising

London, Oxford Circus

Some of the visual merchandising now in all the shops on Oxford Circus.
This weekend definitely was colder, I can feel that winter finally has arrived! I've been doing some Xmas shopping but tomorrow we will buy or Xmas tree. What about you? Do you have your house full of Xmas decoration already?

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  1. guapa k ganas de coger el proximo vuelo para hacer mi x-mas shopping alli en oxford circus;) pero yo en casa de verdad ya no kiero ver ninguna decoracion navidena y ninguna cancion de esos cursis como last christmas jaja
    k tengas un buen dia guapa

  2. Such cute pics!! And here we can feel the winter coming as well!! Colder every day!


  3. Maybe you could put just a few more style posts on your blog...but only because you seem to have an incredible wardrobe!! I'd love to feature you on my blog one day soon actually...maybe that's something we could arrange in the near future!:D

    Very interesting post by the way, I do love looking at all of the window displays during the Christmas season!!^_^

  4. Love the photos, the windows are magical in the West End- I went yesterday and it was so busy!! Nightmare. We aren't buying a tree until next weekend! xo

  5. Many thanks for stopping by my blog! It does make me feel better:)
    I like the light bulb effect in the background really cool!..and the angels...I think it's time to say;" Happy Christmas to Victoria " xx

  6. NO nothing, jejejeje. Spanish style, mañana, jejejeje
    Maravillosas fotos,Victoria ahhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Hay me encanta como se gustaría estar por allá. Se ve un ambiente muy bonito y con frió jaja.
    Un beso enorme mi Victoria.
    Disfruta el inicio de diciembre :)

  8. beautiful photos :)
    I don't have a Christmas tree but I have some branches decorated with straw angels :)

  9. Downtowns and shops look so wonderful during the Christmas season! We are definitely into the Christmas spirit here -- the house is decked out, with fresh pine tree, Christmas music is streaming all day long, and I am finally wrapping presents and sending out cards. I even walked in a Christmas parade yesterday, with a non-profit group I work with. Hope your holiday season is going beautifully! xxx

  10. I'm completely sold! It looks so magnificent! I am trying to beat the Holiday rush with some last minute shopping.

  11. just got my tree today! it smells like christmas in my house now. it's great!

  12. i can just imagine that these displays in person must be phenomenal! like i would be staring at them while trying not to freeze my whatever off. i don't intend to get one christmas decoration out this year. just call me bah humbug.

  13. Victoria, I'm catching up with your posts and I loved the one on 'nostalgia', the hair tutorial, the great necklaces...beautiful images! London has a special aotmosphere during Christmas and you can see some of the most amazing windows!

  14. que bonito todo, me encanta el gif
    estaba leyendo ahora el post en que decías que te has perdido unos desfiles por equivocarte de semana... a mi tambien me pasa muchas veces, de hecho en septiembre me equivoqué de hora en un examen y no pude hacerlo... y así miles de veces. yo no se donde tenemos la cabeza:D

  15. We've decorated a week ago and it was so much fun! I hope you have fun too while shopping your tree and decorate your house! Have a nice Christmass! Oh and btw your photos are amazing! Very good work:)

  16. Q chulada no?? como se lo montan por ahi... de verdad.. La verdad esq yo tengo muchas ganas de poner la decoracion! jejej un besooo!

  17. Aw it all looks so pretty! Makes it a little worth it for the cold weather. Unfortunately as a single woman living alone, there's not much christmas spirit in my apartment... maybe I should get a tree just for the heck of it!


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