Berlin-OE Magazine

If you would like to order a copy of the magazine click in the photo
Berlin has a vivid and complex fashion scene that many people talk and write about, but as Berlin is big and diverse it is not so easy to get a grip on.
The best way to describe on what’s happening in the Berlin fashion scene instead of telling trends and write about fashion in Berlin, how about just showing it!
This triggered our idea to start a magazine capturing Berlin’s fashion scene by focusing on pure images. The result: The OE Magazine.
Photography: Lars Borges
Styling: Biki John
Hair & Make-up: Servullo Mendez using i+m Kosmetik (

Photographer: Yves Borgwardt
Styling: Saskia Schmidt
Hair&MakeUp: Gabrielle Theurer, Saskia Krause
The release of the second issue of the Berlin base magazine will be this Friday the 18th of November.Sounds good right! I've ordered mine. If you would like to order just click in the photos.

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  1. i had a blog friend write about her trip to berlin recently. she showed all the creativity, & artistry through her photographs. it was enlightening.

  2. Berlin Rocks! I was there for three weeks a few years back and was so inspired by the fashion across all ages and styles.

  3. Ya extrañaba pasar por aquí.
    :)Espero estes increible bonita.
    Esa revista se ve fenomenal.
    Un beso

  4. sounds like a really cool magazine. I love the design and graphics.


  5. I've lived for 5 years in Berlin and the city is a great inspirational source! How I miss it! Can I ask u something? I lost my iPhone and all I have for the moment is a crappy camera... That's why I am hesitating on posting my own pictures... Should I ignore the fact that the camera is not the best and go ahead?

  6. ¡Muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog! ¡Me ha hecho muchísima ilusión! Eres toda una inspiración... Tengo el blog un poco abandonado últimamente pero mi siguiente reto es hacer un giff como los tuyos. Es verdad que Sister Jane es tu estilo, aunque tú le das un toque rebelde más divertido.

    Un beso!


  7. Oh I miss so much Berlin even if at this time of the year I would be frizing, sliding with my bike! And for fashion I had had the chance to assist to a lot of show very alternative and so interesting!


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