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Vivianne Westwood

She is definitely the queen of punk, grunge and rock n' roll fashion her catwalks are always so creative. Westwood has created clothes inspired in bikers, fetishists and prostitutes. The "punk style" included safety pins, razor blades, bicycle or lavatory chains on clothing and spiked dog collars for jewelry, as well as outrageous make-up and hair also traditional elements of Scottish design such as tartan fabric.
She also dressed the Sex pistols back in the 70's.
She is definitely a big punk at heart.I love that she stood her grown all the way she is definitely an English leyend!

I'm wearing H&M dress and vintage belt

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  1. you are so beautiful and i LOVE SO MUCH your looks and your blog, kiss dear


  2. love how the black dress looks with the shirt :)!


  3. I love her and everything she does :)


  4. great style, loved the punk era :)

  5. victoria, i like your paintings! i like your style. i like your outfit. i like your vivenne westwood tribute.

  6. She is one of my favorite designers! Beautiful tribute! Love your paitnings! And yay for signing on to twitter :)

  7. beautifull pics! =)
    xoxo from http://matchaheart.blogspot.com

  8. Vivienne Westwood is one of my all-time favourite designers. Not only for her brilliant designs, which I love… when the first brought street style to runway… just amazing, but she's definitely a woman of substance and some quotes of her have even became mottos to me. Long live Vivienne, haha!


  9. Orale.
    Valla que es una artista,y tu no te quedas atras. Tu pintura me gusto mucho.
    Creo que te robare tus fotos jaja,ntc,sales guapisima.
    Tu cabello es espeluznante.
    Ah y no linda no tengo twiter pero pronto hare uno. :)
    Un beso y feliz martes.

  10. she is the one,grunge punk gotic queen,one of my favourite!
    like your black and white,your new art work,
    and her kids painted outfit,
    i think thats the one ?! <3

  11. I love her and her inspirations♥You look so cute!

  12. Siempre que busco algo diferente, visito tu blog. Tienes tanta creativity :) I love vivienne everything about her is awesome if you watch her interviews she is actually extremely articulate and intelligent. A Very fascinating woman. I was reading Patti smith book Just Kids and though of you. You should check it out she pioneered so many things we wear today! Buen Dia

  13. Gosh can you ever not be so incredibly cool??? you are my favourite blogger in the universe! Marmalade for president!

  14. your outfit is perfect here!

    Would be great if you visit me on my blog too!

  15. She is SOOO amazing. I didn't know she dressed the sex pistols! How cool!

  16. Aww you look AWESOME! The shoulder pads are great, and your belt <3
    Vivian Westwood is super coo.

  17. Amazing inspiration!
    lovely look!

  18. You gotta love her. ♥

    Great outfit, you look amazing!

    Xo, Imke

  19. She certainly is amazing, and so individual! Just like you :D... Gorgeous layering, you look stunning. I love the lipstick!xx

  20. I missed a lot of your wonderful posts while I was away. I LOVE Vivienne Westwood (that first image, did you paint it?) is amazing! I love your look too. xxx

  21. Es unica en el mundo :D me encanta su joyeria, pero lastima de la calidad :/

  22. i think the grande dame would be completely mental over this tribute Victoria! i've been a avid follower of her creations for years, one time when i visited NY there was an exhibit at the MOMA called AngloMania which focused on British fashion from 1976 to 2006. between the mighty Ms. Westwood and Gaultier i was a smitten kitten. a bit sad i can't pull off the shoulder pad salute as well as you though. i tend to come off all quarterback-ish but you nailed it. ♥


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