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Frida Kahlo y El Dia de Muertos

In memory of Frida Kahlo
Two of my favourite things about Mexico are Frida Kahlo and Day of the Death. I thought of doing a post about it.
A lot of people think the Day of the Death in Mexico it's maybe a dark but it is not. If you go to Mexico Day of the death it's about  celebrating life and honoring the death. It's actually a day full of colour, music, spirituality, food and basically a family tradition, a day that all get together to remember with respect all the people that have passed away.
In memory of one of my greatest inspiration. Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo's diary.

These images have been taken from Frida Kahlo's diary
 Kahlo was deeply influenced by indigenous Mexican culture, which is apparent in her use of bright colors and dramatic symbolism.

In Mexico it's a tradition to make sugar skulls and place them in the altar with candles, flowers, food and bread.

The altar  de muertos it's something similar to this. It's decorated with colourful paper and photos of all the people that have passed away and their favourite things for example if the person that has passed away used to play the guitar, people will put a guitar in the altar or the favourite food, music, clothes.

This is a especial bread that it's made all around Mexico just for this day. It's called Paand de muertos, Bread for death. Also these are the traditional colours of that day: Yellow, purple, orange, it's not a dark day at all, it's a very colourful day around all the graveyards in Mexico. Day of the death for Mexicans, it's a happy day people take mariachi to the graveyards, people pray and eat. It's a tradition and it's celabrated mainly in villages around all Mexico.

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  1. qué suerte tener la imaginación que tu tienes! gracias por pasarte por mi blog!

  2. Here in Portugal we celebrate de day of the dead as well, on november 1st. Is about remembering those we have lost and celebrating the fact we're alive!


  3. SOUnds like such a cultural country! LOve your skeleton face paint!

  4. Again, great post. Maybe my favourite!Thanks for sharing a bit of your beautiful country!

  5. I remember first learning about Kahlo in school and just falling in love with her portraits.
    Your makeup is unreal and the outfits go perfectly. x

  6. My goodness ... you blow me away with your artistic presentation. This is fantastic! I love every photo and the ukelele adds to the whole thing!

    Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

  7. I love Frida;-)...and your blog Victoria;-)*

  8. What an amazing celebration and great way of remembering family and friends who are no longer with you. I think other countries could learn to be positive like this! x

  9. Me ganaste el post! jaja.. me disfracé de frida kahlo hace unas semanas y aún espero que me manden las fotos para subirlas a tiempo del día de muertos en honor a Frida.. quien es mi máximo, una gran inspiración tambien, así como para ti a lo que veo aquí.
    En fin.. padrísimo este post, que bueno que describes algo sobre esta tradición mexicana para que otras personas la conozcan.. y tu interpretación de la calavera.. increíble! siempre tan creativa.. gracias por tus comments en mis ultimos posts.. casi nunca salgo en fotos pero de vez en cuando trato de aparecer para que no se olviden de mi mis lectores jaja.. saludos!
    Feliz día de muertos!

  10. great,great,great <3 <3 <3
    one for her,
    one for celebration,
    one for you!!!

  11. love this post!! so creative, and i also love the colors and frida, and things which come along...
    thanx for sharing ur criativity..
    es que no conosco blogs como este donde la criatividad es mas importante que las ropas de grife que compram las chicas... no me gusta mucho, es aburrido porque todas son iguales!

  12. Great post victoria, you really show the " Dia de muertos" feel and look!
    Love it!

  13. I love it!!!

  14. guapa este post es genial, me ha encantado. ya he escuchado de eso del pan de los muertos, pero no me podia imaginar k es verdad k cantais y comeis alli, pero me parece genial, es k como se puede honroar a los muertos mejor k festejar la vida!!y tu maquillaje es una maravilla amiga!!! tambien lo k has puesto de frida kahlo me ha gustado.
    muchos besos y happy halloween, mary


  15. Thanks for this!It's always great learning about other countries!

  16. gorgeous, love your look and love the photos

  17. victoria, your make-up & photos are magnificent! this post you created, is a special to me. here's my frida blog post from january this year.


    and my day of the dead blog post from oct. 2009


  18. amazing pics!!!!
    you are a star xxx

  19. Awsome!!!!

  20. Check her post out!! She had the same theme than you!


  21. So love this!! Frida Kahlo is such a visual inspiration and you know I love Mexican culture, particularly this Day of the Dead festivities. Your skull face and photos are fantastic! xxx

  22. wow this is incredible, i would love to be in mexico one year for the day of the dead. thanks for sharing the traditions of the day. its great to know that people are happy

  23. i absolutely adored this post.

    Frida and Mexico are pure magic.

    love love love love this!!!!!

  24. Wow, I really love your photos!
    And thank you very much. :)


  25. Siempre tan original y mágica. Me encanta la idea de el altar y la forma de ver la muerte.
    I love, love, love this post, mi preciosa Victoria.

  26. genial! Estoy enamorada con Frida. I went to see her exhibition in London few years ago and I was in love with the way she portrayed her suffering, love for Diego and her journey through life.

    El Dia de Los Muertos is the such a an incredible tradition to celebrate death is to embrace the unknown and to remember the ones who are not with us. I was in Mexico 10 years ago and I remember learning about the dia de los muertos. Only in central America could you find a morbid tradition turned on its head with colour and music.

    Thank you for sharing your amazing creativity with us!!!!!

  27. This post is amazing! Your face paint is fabulous, so detailed and I also love Frida Kahlo, she is so iconic in both Mexican and also world culture <3

  28. He visto muchos reportajes de la celebración en Mexico del día de los muertos,siempre me pareció muy interesante..

  29. u re always doin the most inspirin posts


  30. Viva Mexico señores!! Si , si , siiiiii ! Me encantan ambas cosas a mi también... que pena no estar alli para celebrarlo... el año pasado hice un altar con comida, calaveritas de azucar y todo jejee... Me encanta el post como siempreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. this is amazing.
    you are stunning.
    so inspiring, as always.

  32. I loved seeing the Day of the Dead festivities when i was living in Mexico last year & couldn't stay away from the Frida Khalo house/museum. Loved this post, great outfit & face painting yourself as well!


  33. amazing photos!
    I love the skeleton face paint :)

  34. such a good selection of photos, the colour have perfect harmony. Very interesting, specially because ive been lately working on a project on death. inspirational!

  35. Awesome costume. I love your little ukelele! Do you play? I have a sweet little pink one I like to mess around with ;)

  36. simply fabulous



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