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Kitten Bow

I've been feeling like wearing my hair up lately I guess is nice for a change sometimes I miss my long hair but I love short hair too! what you prefer short or long? 

Ultimamente he llavado el pelo agarrado, me aburre llevarlo de la misma manera siempre supongo es bueno un cambio no? A veces extrano mi pelo largo pero me encanta el pelo corto tambien!

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  1. Stunning blouse and hair bow! I'm not ssure, i love both long and short hair :)

  2. That blouse is just adorable! Summery and flirty:) I am excited to see what you did with the shelf later!
    Love Änglamark.

  3. You have a lot of immagination! It's like you're telling a story on your blog.
    I've always had long hair and I can't think of me in other ways.:) I'm cutting it myslef. :P It's one of my small pleasures.:P

  4. adorable! love your blouse and bow! also those socks are cuute xx

  5. ooh just lovely pictures
    i am loving all the bows :)

    definitely short hair!
    I could never rock short hair so I always adore people who looks gorgeous in short hair
    like you ;)


  6. Hola Victoria guapa, tus post no saltan en mi blogroll cuando lanzas un post nuevo.Mir a ver...
    Blogger está faltalllllllllllll
    Me encantas tú y tus fotos.
    Mil besos.

  7. Just lovely, the bow really suits you! I love ice cream as well!


  8. I like your hair up like that:) very fresh and unique, plus,,,it's cuteeee!!!:)

    The bow is beautiful, I really want to get one myself:)

  9. I love your hair!!! you are just so divine xxx

  10. Entirely charming outfit. The blouse is just fantastic!

  11. your hair is absolutely adorable, along with your entire outfit!
    that blouse has such pretty pleats and a cute pattern :)
    i like short hair on others but i don't think it looks good on me so i keep my hair long. maybe i'll try short hair sometime in the future!

  12. wow i just adore your beautiful artistic style. and the photos are gorgeous. now following you girl! :) and omg food pics, LOVE.

    <3, Kathleen.

  13. I had long hair for many years now and I can't imagine living without it. I trimmed my hair a couple of months ago and I almost had a nervous breakdown when I saw it was a few inches shorter.
    So, long hair all the way.
    I love your bangs and the bow !
    Lucky you, you have new shelfs, I could use some new furniture too.

  14. Victoria, your hair looks adorable like that, especially your bangs! And I loooove coffee, too much. Well perhaps it's more of an addiction...

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  15. this post is ABSOLUTELY stunning!!!

    I've just added your blog to my "blogs I love" list! it's freakin' amazing! :O


  16. I'm always tempted to cut my hair short...I had it really short at one point but I quite like having it long cause you can do so much with it!

    Love your bow! So cute!

  17. You are absolutely darling--- really, there is no other word!

  18. I adore the bow in your hair- it's such an adorable accessory! And your blouse is just lovely.. I love the soft pattern with the little polka dots.

    Oh! And I've asked my friend who uses Internet Explorer, and she said there was recently a software update, so this might be the reason why my pics weren't coming up for you. I'm not sure if this is definitely the case, but I hope it is! :/ I hope this is helpful to you! x

  19. And PS- i have my hair short, too. I just can't bear to take care of it when it is long. I like to to be free and go all over the place like it does when it is short ;P

  20. Sweet look, I adore the blouse and bow in your hair :)

    Ps. Thank you for your post comment, always appreciated!

  21. wow. how lovely you look!

    wonderful blog, i'll follow! :)


  22. thanks for your comment...

    your blog and style are so amazing. i really love what i see-
    sadly i'm not able to follow because of some technical reasons. i'll try it again tomorrow.


  23. Yo prefiero llevar el pelo suelto, pero con mis rizos es un poco complicado, me molesta tanto pelo y casi siempre me veo despeinada.Me gusta muchísimo el lacito que te has puesto, te queda muy bien, muy gracioso!!

  24. short hair is wonderful but it does not fit everyone. as for me, I prefer long hair. I love the slight childhood feeling of this photoshoot..

  25. ahh, adorable outfit! you have so many brilliant treasures in your closet! ♥ and what an amazing hm, shelf? I'm sure it will be beautiful after painting!

  26. Aishhh! me encanta tu camisa! y muy tierna con el lazo!
    bsos! ;)

  27. love the oversized bow=smile smiles smile! look: http://www.thefashionturd.com/2011/03/lookim-wearing-stupidly-oversized-bow.html

  28. Tres chic! Love the bow...for me, it's always a dilemma whether it's gonna be short or long hair. Have had it short since agesss and now it's grown little past my shoulders. Am so torn between leaving it long and chopping it all off!


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