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African Desert

Hello Lovely people from around the world: D
I want to thank to all the lovely girls that visit my blog, thank you for all your kind words and for taking your time in writing a comment or just visiting my blog. I love sharing what I do with you.
Also I want to thank Julia for her nice comments from Savoir-Vivre her blog is lovely and she does great reviews in design, art and fashion. Also to Megan from the Martian tide her blog shows a lot of her life style as an au pair in France and her style it is really fun.
Also to Karin from Wunderlust her blog is stunning with great dreamy fairy tale photographs she is brilliant! She makes these great feather accessories for her shoots and she is going to send me one! I can’t wait to receive it a soon as I’m back in England!
Thanks again!

Love Victoria.x

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  1. Loving the funny faces and your hat has me all kinds of jealous

  2. Beautiful. I love how you dress. Your style is timeless and that is something to be proud of!

  3. I love your style Victoria, I think people with true style don't need to be guided by trends, they just know what they like! That's what I admire, and while I appreciate and acknowledge trends, they don't dictate exactly what I wear at all either. Thanks for much for the shout out! I'm so happy you love my blog since you know I really love yours :).

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  4. I agree. You don't look generic and you always have your own personal style. I always love visiting your blog and the photos are always a great source of inspiration.

  5. Ok those theoretical images are right up my street and I am seriously obsessed by mustaches. ever since I can remember I only fancied men with mustaches...they are the ultimate accessory...I am sure if girls were allowed ones I would have one...
    you blog is so incredibly inspiring and all you images rich and allegorical.
    Truly amazing and what I love is that you are no fashion slave...its about quality images with melancholic vibes
    Oh and your headpiece I made is the one in my latest post...with leather and natural feathers because I think it would suit you perfectly (I liked it and only borrowed it haha)

    ps I am definitely doing some mustache photos soon (I saw some in vanity fair and loved it) xxx thanks for being such an inspiration

  6. Que fotos tan originales! Cada vez me gusta más tu blog, haces cosas que merece la pena ver, toda una inspiración!
    Un beso!!!

  7. I really really really like your world!




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