Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt paintings have a lot of movement, dream like feelings and magic.
They are very romantic and erotic always seems to be a lot of things going on in his paintings as if the characters would be flying around.

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  1. Your photos meld so well with the paintings, such a lovely combination! Love the paintings too!


  2. I'm a HUGE Gustav Klimt fan.

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams

  3. Hola guapa, como siempre tus fotos son muy lindas. Gracias por tu comentario en mi blog y bueno la metiche de yo quiere preguntarte si estas estudiando en Londres o solo vives allá, bueno si no me quieres contestar no hay problema eh nada más para conocerte un poquito más. Te dejo mi email x si un día quieres escribirme.
    Un besote!

  4. gorgeous photos. i love how youve interpreted klimt. his work always feels so oppressive to me, but you've presented it in a much more natural way.
    :) plus you have a supercute outfit on!

  5. Those outdoor pics are so nice, love 'em! :)

  6. This is so lovely :)!! The colours are so soft ♥
    The Photos are perfect and I really love your whole blog!

  7. wow, these photos are gorgeous. your outfit is very nice!

  8. Gosh Victoria these are so amazing, I am loving the parallels in your recent posts.

    Just to say you won the feather headband from my blog...simply because your blog is my favourite in the can send me your then I can post it to you


  9. yesss klimt - you just took style photos to a whole new (better) level x

  10. Oh my Klimt...! I love so much his work, so muuuch!

  11. Love fashion mixed with art. Really pretty post!


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