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Paris je t'aime

Vintage dress
H&M hat
Vintage blouse
Vintage boots

Metro Paris

 I love this city.I love the architecture, the museums, the food, the feeling that you get by walking around all those Parisian cafes, people sitting outside having a good time, people from around the world walking along on the streets, Paris have this intellectual feel.

Vintage hat
American apparel leggings
Charity shop shoes
Blouse vinatge

Primark dress
H&M cardigan
Vintage hat

Love Victoria.X

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  1. hi hi! i love paris too! its such a special city. will be there in april again and so excited every time i get to visit. do you live there now?

    i love the whole feel of your blog (esp the header) and the first outfit you wore in this post.

    thanks for stopping by and i will def be back :)


  2. ohh Paris is a city after my own heart. Gorgeous post and your outfit is trec-chic

  3. The City's looks beautiful, sounds beautiful and everything about it seems to be great. I really want to go there!!! great pics :)

  4. I'm moving to Paris one day soon! And, you kind of look like Alexa Chung in a few of the pics. I love her!

    x Elizabeth / IN BETWEEN SEAMS

  5. I love Paris too, been living really close to there for 3 months now! Do you live here? Your blog is incredible, I love the look of your photos and your style, I relate to it quite a bit. Glad you requested my friendship on IFB because I feel like your blog is going to be one of my favorites!


  6. Thank you dear for all your lovely comments!
    Of course as French I hate Paris, I could tell you why and write you a roman but it would be stupid because it's true that this city is totally magic, the mistake is to live there.

    1. i had been living in Paris for 2 years.
      i am from USA.
      i am a 22 year old guy and was there at the Ecole Normale de Musique for studies of classical guitar.
      i disagree with you. paris is the most wonderful place ever.
      The people are fantastic. and the city is so profoundly beautiful in so many ways.
      the history of it adds to its beauty. Casanova said it was his faveroute city! he was there!
      I now live in The Netherlands and i miss paris very much. like being away from a woman you love. :)....

  7. I <3 Paris!!!!!
    Nice post, pictures and outfits :)


  8. so glad o found your blog, love it! i'll be following;)

  9. What a great little gem you have here!

    I was looking stuff up about Paris and I found your blog. I think we have a lot of the same taste. We just put out a very Parisian video. Super cute! Hope you will enjoy it.




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