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Nowhere girl

I bought this jacket in a vintage market and I immediately loved the colour and the neck style,the buttons are so cool too, not sure the era of this jacket but I guess is 80's but the outfit doesn't look 80's at all, that is why I love vintage clothes you can take pieces from different eras and transform it into something different or more contemporary. So I built this outfit around the jacke shape,colour and fabri. 

Compré esta chaketa en un mercado y inmediatamnete me enanto el color y la forma del cuello, los botones son geniales también.
No estoy muy segura de la era de esta chaketa pero creo es de los 80's aunque el look no se ve ochentero en lo absoluto, por eso me gusta la ropa vintage puedes transformar looks de diferentes eras.

Love Victoria.x

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  1. I like this quirky librarian/secretary look :) I always love your looks, actually. I need to try the bow-tie look with a collared blouse like you did!

    And thanks for sharing these photos. They are hauntingly beautiful (kind of makes my skin crawl a little, but beautiful nonetheless) xo, jane

  2. Awesome post, amazing as always, love the bow! And skulllls! :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  3. Great blog and lovely pictures and outfits! I like very much your style. You've got a new follower. We are 2 girls from Spain and this is our blog, if you like it follow us please :) thanks


    Lidia and Clara

  4. Love all of these photos!
    I just wanted to let you know that I have awarded you the versatile blogger award on my blog. http://savoirvivrelondon.blogspot.com.
    This is just to say that I love your blog and you should keep doing what you are doing and also to thank you for supporting me! Please head down to my blog out check out the post! xxx

  5. Holaa! muchas gracias por tu comentario :) yo soy de Vallarta :P no estamos tan lejos..
    me encantan las fotografias qe te tomas y las qe publicas en tu blog, no se si sean tuyas o no pero esta geniales..
    *Espero sigamos en contacto :)
    Saludos! qe estes bien :D


  6. Wow beautiful. The images remind me of "The Saragossa Manuscript." Have you seen it? I think it might be one of my favorite movies.

    Your blog is good. I'm a fan.


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