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The Dead, the Dead of Water Lily

I can see the lights, the shadows are talking to me, please light the candels because my soul can't see the way to paradaise. I can see myself laying on the floor and I can smell the sweet lilies. Important people in my life is saying things to me in my dream I say good bye to them while my tears drop on the floor. The sweet death has come to me.

These photos were inspired in death and the similarities that people have experienced when they die for a few seconds and then come back to life. Whatever is your religion or your thoughts about life after death. Most of people that have experienced death for a few seconds say they see shadows or a light or someone from their family and they also see a tunnel. 

My point is that no one really knows when is going to die but certainly we all going to die in one point.
You might think what a creepy conversation talking about death but not at all I love my life and I'm trying to live my life to the full. Some people is already dead, but walking. For me someone dead is the one that does not allow herself to feel, to dream, to LIVE, to see, some people wake up everyday and doesn't take the time to look above, to see the sky, to breath, to smile. Some people wake up without direction, without hope, without dreams. Stop worring, start LIVING... I guess I will repeat this to myself because I'm the first one of breaking this rule :) (sometimes I worry to much of the silliest little things)

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  1. Good post! So true, all you say, I completely agree. Look at the sky!!!! I love all of the white and your headdress too!


  2. These photos are beautiful! Love the light in them. So peaceful, like living in ones own little world.
    Love Änglamark.

  3. You're amazing. Those photos are amazing. The end.

    x Elizabeth / In Between Seams


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